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was asked to watch Bengals/Bills game due to offensive and defensive playcalling by Bills [trevaluv]

Watched whole game

out of 48 plays [26 passes attempted, 3 pass plays Bengals were sacked, and 19 total team rushing attempts] called by the Bengals on offense [26 pass attempts, 22 rush attempts] Bills did not match personnel on majority. If we're being generous and counting 3-4 bear as matching personnel for 2 and 3 wr sets this still applies.

18 manually selected QUARTER DEFENSE [7 dbacks] called against 3 wr sets.
1 DOLLAR called against 3 wr sets

by Helldawg66 - Comments: 6 - Views: 322
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Looked like this never even was reviewed and is a pretty serious rule break, 2 rules actually. Lions manually zones a DE and DT to create a 2 man rush only. Wasnt even my game but needs to be addressed since it wasnt a mistake.

2 rules broken

1. At all times there should be at least 3 pass rushers coming from THE BOX (DL/LB) excluding Safeties in the box.
*Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you rush less than 3. The play "Velco 9" CAN be used, BUT you MUST still make sure there are 3 men rushing the QB by manually blitzing somebody.

2. Not allowed to manually put...

by deathbyeagle - Comments: 1 - Views: 205
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by SDchargers373 - Comments: 9 - Views: 411
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this shit with sd is getting old texting me talking shit calling me whatever paused the gm for a total of 19 plus minutes to bithc and take a shit

here is the gameplay

watch the tape please its mainly the first half that's what im gonna catalog if I am a cheeser please suspend me
if my gameplay is deemed sim than I want something done to sd I am getting reall sick and tired of his shit ...... the talking shit during text the...

by shooter8175 - Comments: 10 - Views: 215
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Jets and Chargers played a game today, and after the game SD started in on the Jets lack of diversity on offense. He's also upset that I ran it 34 times and passed it 12.

Jets were winning the entire game, and in the second half kept running it because they had a lead and didn't want to tack on points. The Chargers also couldn't stop it.

Are we kidding here? Why do so many guys who play video games act this way?....childish pouting and frustration?

If you have a problem with somebody's gameplay, put it on the forum like the rules state.

I'm doing it for...

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 14 - Views: 325
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someone needs to explain the punting glitch rule to skins owner...first punt was 20 yrs straight in the punt went 40 yards and didnt get more than three feet off the ground

by tampamountaineer - Comments: 4 - Views: 217
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So the colts are up 24-0 at halftime and I realize I'm done with this game. I've had back to back fumbles 2 plays in a row. Madden just wants me to lose. So after second half I pretty much ran the ball the whole time. Colts decides it's ok to score with 2 min left on a run play. Maybe he couldn't go down, idk. The next drive with 202 left in the game once again I run and muccluster fumbles for a third time, this dude runs back the fumble to score and go up 41-0.... Like are you kidding me, this is ridiculous...I stream and archive so the proof is in my channel. Oh and can some check around the...

by Fireice56 - Comments: 22 - Views: 474
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before we started the game I told him my connection was iffy and that he would have to stream. He agreed to do so but it was only later until the game ended I found out he cut the stream at the half. My question is why? I do recall him running hurry up offense and quick snaps. Him and I had a good game going till the half where he put up at least 4 TDs. where does this come from? Was there something he was hiding or what was the deal? We were neck and neck up until then. Most of his runs were coming immediately after the quick snap and hurry up offense. Can I get a commish or someone with higher...

by Pkmn93 - Comments: 11 - Views: 243
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Now Im not one to complain or anything and I haven't been here too long but every game I have played(even though I lose a ton) has been good. However I played the new Bears owner tonight and I am not sure if he didn't read the rules or just totally disregarded them but the game was a little ridiculous. He ran the pistol probably 95% of the game. Both of his touchdowns came on the same play, and he used that play in many situations when he had 3rd and long situation. He no huddled the ball whenever he felt like it seemed, and I noticed a few times while he was on D he picked the same exact play...

by rch08 - Comments: 6 - Views: 212
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19 seconds from half I juts punted to him 33.00 where it begins

he got 2 penaltys for delay of gm was about to get penalty #3 I call time out text him whats up ..... no response for like 9 minutes said he fell asleep and that was it he never got back on gm never did anything..... waited a few minutes kept unpausing and finally restared gm he got 3rd penalty gm disco still haven't heard from him....


by shooter8175 - Comments: 26 - Views: 555
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I forgot to record so I can save highlights

ive read the rules I want to know if pulling von miller from de is LEGAL

fucking lobby style gm

hike lob a bomb to Thomas 8 times for 300 yards

fun lobby style gm cant wait for the next 1 clarke

by shooter8175 - Comments: 28 - Views: 683
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DBE, fantastic game we had and I blew which this may come off as being bitter but these were not the deciding factors of this game.
Went for it between my 30-40 in the 3rd quarter. 4th and 10 - 4th and 16..granted there was 10 mph wind pushing at him, I was just under the impression it was 4th and 5ish.

by slicksilverman - Comments: 9 - Views: 300
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His offense from halftime on was pretty much 95% pass and 5% qb scramble. No huddled probably half of the time during 3rd and 4th quarters. He never conceded defeat down big and stuck with no huddle passing and qb scrambling until the end of game. Calling timeouts when I was trying to run out the clock in the 4th.

by ddarrendd - Comments: 5 - Views: 229
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let me start off by saying, hell of a game last night vs zeemen. may seem like i hate him but that's far from the case and i've said it before...we've typically always had good games and for most part i've always enjoyed playing him (last night was one of them too).

however, after viewing the film, i discovered that i was "cheated" on my last drive...specifically the last 2 plays of the game. the situation is as follows....bucs down 17-24, 1st and goal from the 4 with 38 secs remaining.

1st down - 2 yard gain
2nd down @ 2 yd line - 2 yard loss

3rd down @ 4...

by tony87blue - Comments: 17 - Views: 436
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please tell me what is ok with scoring up 30

2 min 55 left in game throw a 27 yard pass to tavon 10 yd drag n run it in for score

by shooter8175 - Comments: 4 - Views: 224
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like I dont really like to complain but ive seen a fair bit of cheeseing this season and this was ridicouls at one point this guy ran like 6 str8 draws i just stopped playing and made it clear i wa just running clock this guy keeps running his lame draw and if switch to block it he audibles out? whens it 35-0 and I have CLEARLY stopped playing lol. i dunno just seemed pretty weak imo maybe im wrong…

by SDchargers373 - Comments: 7 - Views: 243
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Alright so everybody knows what the procedure is.  If you have a complaint about another owner, you must post it on the forum.  We want to be able to discuss these issues in an OPEN forum where the entire league's opinion matters, and not just one or two people.  GroupMe might only have a few owners on at the moment, it is not the official voice of what's right and wrong.

JBell brought my attention to this this morning.  He felt is was unfair to look at zeemen's game (bears and fins) and not look at the Bengals / Ravens last game.  My response was gotta bring it to our attention...

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 24 - Views: 573
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In the 4th quater with under 4 minutes to go the Seahawks were stopped by inches from gaining a 1st down at his own 48 yard line while up 10-6. After seeing him lineup in goalline formation I paused the game and messaged him several times alerting him that going for it on 4th down at this spot on the field was against the rules. After exhausting my pauses and burning a time out he did not reply and proceeded to QB sneak out of goaline formation for the 1st down and tacked on 3 more points.

by aragorn313 - Comments: 7 - Views: 267
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Hello everyone,

I recently switched my internet to a faster provider with a new router D-link DIR-862L.

Before I switched I had no connection, or latency issues.

Now that I have switched I'm finding any game I play online has harsh lag, or I am unable to even connect.

When I test my connection my Download and Upload speed change drastically.

For example:

I'll do one test and my connection speed (Download) will be 1.4MBps with my Conncection Speed (Upload) being 99.1 kbps. I think that's pretty good? And should easily make Madden...

by ClaxTKE - Comments: 10 - Views: 334
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20140522 I'm working right now and I get a text from Otis....

He's upset at the Bills for scoring on a screen pass with under a minute left in the game....

Here's the scenario....

Bills are up 4, 1st down within FG range....Falcons have all 3 TOs left. Bills throw a screen pass to get a TD.

Otis thinks he should've knelt the ball and kicked the FG. What?!?!?!

Otis if u have all 3 TOs left and he knelt it....he would only burn about 6 seconds and then kick the FG to go up 7.

....which would give u the ball back with a chance to tie...

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 12 - Views: 348
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I'll try to make this short and sweet, played my playoff game last night against zeemen. We play at least once a season so I already know what to expect, Jamaal Charles all game. I don't know where to begin with this but basically he was up by 20+ at half and I basically had enough of the outside runs and toss plays so I exited the game, let zeemen know via text that I'm going on auto pilot so he can play the CPU. To me it's unrealistic and it just wasn't fun especially after we played earlier in the season and Charles ran for 300+ and 5 TD's. It's basically unstoppable unless you have the Bears...

by hellrazor119 - Comments: 18 - Views: 523
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Dolphins were up by 27 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter.....around mid-field.  

He then ran a playaction pass to score another TD, to go up 34.

(this is the info I received)...

...I'm curious to see what kind of opinions come from this.  What do you guys think?  Ok or No?  Is that piling on or no?

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 16 - Views: 472
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Can we take a look at the rules Game regarding restarts? At least discuss.. Even if it means no rule change..

Thank goodness it doesnt happen often. Just my opinion. I dont think a Team that is up by 3+ scores should be forced or even asked to start over 0-0 if the game freezes or something..

We have a group of guys that expect their opponent to actually start over 0-0.. lol.
Dont think there is anything an owner can do to dsiconnect or whatever, but who knows.. I think this rule protects the integrity of the game.

For the record if I am ever down by...

by str8coach - Comments: 10 - Views: 343
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by RxDispenser - Comments: 7 - Views: 261
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Unnecessary Scoring rule is :

Anyone that scores points when leading by 3 possessions, meaning 17 points or more, and there's less than 2 minutes remain will be subject to player suspension or removal from League based on following factors:
*Length of TD play
*Type of TD (Pass or Run)
*Time remaining
*Score difference

Game was 38-13 [me winning] less than 2 minutes left and I failed to get the 1st down and had to punt. Ras didn't call timeouts at any point before the 2 min warning out of desperation but with around 1:20 left he calls an unnecessary (1st)...

by Helldawg66 - Comments: 10 - Views: 347
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I just played the worst game ever. 3 times during the game i was going to quit, telling myself i don't need to waste my time with this crap.

The first half went along with the Texan defense shutting down his run game. Down 13 points before 2min.warning he takes a sack. Then on 2 and 16 he kneels the ball, with the clock at 2:00, he can't run out the clock, wtf is going on? 3rd down another kneel them he punts to me.

At this point i realize he is not passing at all and when he does he holds the ball and takes a sack.

My DT gets injured (I'm sure cuz of the continued...

by titanbrian - Comments: 5 - Views: 230
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So, just played dterry028 default cardinals @ packers and just wanted to bring up the amount of receptions and yards that a TE and RB should be getting

Throughout the game I began to notice that he was favoring his TE and RB in the passing game. I was able to start stopping them once I caught on however. In the game his QB completed 18/31 passes for 335 yards which is overall a very good stat line, however if you break down those 18 completions 13 of them were to a TE or RB for 268 yards. However there were also 13 incompletions, of which I could be off by a one or two but 5 more targets...

by RxDispenser - Comments: 12 - Views: 416
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Giants @ rams. He used john skelton i guess because rodgers was injured. he ran half his plays from pistol and 3 ran three read options out of shotgun. also had three plays where he dropped back ran out and threw long completions for first downs. i understand my dline pressure was good but no one was there when he went outside. just frustrated me cause they were key plays and really cost me the game. he did it to get up early stopped and than did it again late when i came back

by Fjd42 - Comments: 1 - Views: 223
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I have a slight complain about the press literally every single down he played but that's not what I came here for. my biggest complaint is he moved multiple people all game on defense and finally when I said something in 4th quarter, and yes I should have said something earlier no doubt, but there was a definite rules violation going on. I paused and went to read the forum rules again and it reads as follows

1. NOT allowed to manually move players Pre-Snap unless it's the player you will be using after snap

I lost but I am not writing this because I lost so plz dont...

by omgahamsandwich - Comments: 4 - Views: 276
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Alright so going into this game I had never played titanbrian I had never really talked to him. That being said in the first half of the game the second drive he went down the field and scored nbd, I attempted to block the extra point which I did but I jumped off sides (no rule in rule-book about blocking extra points or Field goals) he accepted the penalty went for two and got it (completely against the rules). As the game is going we are going back and forth but all this guys seems to know how to run are ins outs flags and posts. If he isn't doing that he runs draws or off tackles from the shotgun....

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So 2 things:

When you are up by 17 with the ball under 2:00 minutes to play no one should be throwing to score. Last I checked running up the score was not on the menu in this league.

On that note, guys shouldnt be running press every time its an obvious passing down. They also need to rush more than 2 guys.

I ran the ball up the middle pretty well mainly because he was showing blitz and hanging out in zone most of the game.

by Qn0sis - Comments: 3 - Views: 217
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guys along with the SCOUTING REPORT section....we also have the GAMEPLAY COMPLAINTS section.

When bringing up "UN-SIM" gameplay complaints, please be civil about it...AND if you are an owner that is being complained about. please be RECEPTIVE to the critisizm.  Nobody is perfect and we all can learn and get better from eachother.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 0 - Views: 187
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