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Not sure what it is but it's not working for me

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Afc East

Afc North

Afc South

Afc West


Nfc East

Nfc North
Green Bay

Nfc South

Nfc West

St. Louis

Afc championship
Pats over Baltimore

Nfc Championship
Dallas over Green Bay

Pats over Dallas SB and cement themselves as Americas team

Patriots over Baltimore Afc Champioship

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Buccaneers trade RT Demar Dotson to Seahawks for 4th [104]

Cardinals trade SS Tony Jefferson to Colts for ROLB Jonathan Newsome

Packers trade FS Micah Hyde to Jaguars for ROLB Laroy Reynolds

Jaguars trade C Luke Bowanko to Falcons for LOLB Joplo Bartu

Steelers trade mlb Vince Williams to Seahawks for TE Luke Willson

Texans trade round 4 [124] pick and MLB Justin Tuggle Rams for DT Michael Brockers

Giants Trade round 4 [100] to Cowboys for RG Mackenzy Bernadeau

Vikings trade SS Andrew Sendejo and round 7 [211] pick to Eagles...

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We have a 19 team spread for the preseason tourney.  If we finish before the patch comes out then so be it...if not oh well.

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Currently our trade rules are a maximum of 4 players out, and 4 players in. For a short time we tried 2 and 2.

The goal is to prevent teams from being able to drastically change the way they look, but also give us some freedom to mold a team the way we like.

I thought having a max traded away at 2, but no cap on how many you acquire, would be a good compromise.

Only two leaving,  would mean teams would still have a similar identity 4 seasons in. No cap receiving players, would encourage more complex trades, maybe involving more than one team, and the ability to...

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I'll get rid of them ASAP.

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Anyone know when the Madden 16 demo will be available?

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Those lucky enough to be playing Madden 16 early, are saying that penalty sliders are actually working this year!

Remember to adjust them up or down in our early games to get a feel for how they really work. It would be nice to get a realistic amount of flags in the league games so we can experience the joy/frustration of the NFL.

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Division #1.... Clax, helldawg, Rafa, Frank

Division #2 .... Bigtuck, rxdispenser, bndrinkin, trevaluv

Play each team in your division one time, report results to TitanBrian.

You can use any team any time. Don't forget to change to all madden, 10 min Q, and 15 sec. Runoff manually.

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With a few only weeks left till Madden 16, we are doing a tournament to fill the void. We will play head to head in a soccer style format, and the winner should get great bragging rights and serious credibility!

First 16 guys to sign up are in...

Pick any team you want, can even play against each other with same team, just use home/away jersey colors.

Using current stock rosters, because we couldn't figure out how to share custom rosters.

The 16 teams will be placed in 4 divisions of 4 teams.
-win = 3 points
-loss in OT = 1 point (tie)

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Owner/ phone/ twitch info- Rafa

Roster-Chreb, Mr Ortiz, TBrian, Frank

Depth chart- Frank, Tbrian, MrOrtiz, Jbell, DBE

Twitch/ Archive- Rafa/ Bnd

Sim count- DBE

Trade committee- Chreb, Dbe, Frank, titanbrian, Mr Ortiz, helldawg, Shooter, Bnd, Jbell, Rafa

Appeals committee- Dbe, Frank, titanbrian, Mr Ortiz, helldawg, Shooter, Bnd, Bld, M_Ortiz

Game of the Week-

Book Keeper for history-

Anyone else who wants to help out reply,

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Available after 7 each nite, thanks jbell

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Default League:

Last Champion (After BLD), last runner-up, last MVP

Fantasy League:

Same thing...any info after ZzLonestarzZ won the title

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20150623 you guys actually believe EA Sports? ...or no?

Penalties will play a bigger factor than ever before.

Posted by EA SPORTS Madden NFL on Saturday, June 20, 2015

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Just a note: our MEFL Fantasy History has officially been brought over to this website.

Tell those Fantasy ONLY guys to create an account at if they don't have one yet.

MEFL History

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1 Spur- Cleveland
2 Tuck- Philly

3 Double DD - Chiefs

4 SD Chargers- Chargers
5 BLD -Cowboys
6 Fallen -   Broncos
7 TBrian- Bears
8 Mr Ortiz- Tennesee
9 Nuun   - SF
10 SoCal- Seattle
11 MrFulwaka- Bills
12 Ortiz 13- Panthers
13 Trevluv- Colts
14 Filthy_Habbitz- Jets
15 Helldawg- Packers
16 Fran- Vikings
17 RX- Lions
18 Rafa- Patriots
19 Mike NYHC- Dolphins
20 bnDrinkin- Saints
21 Sitdown- Steelers
22 jbell- Bucs
23 Burn/ Fire- Giants...

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We will be starting a new 32 team fresh starts week 1 season 1, as soon as this season finishes.

We will be using current rosters for ranked matches

This is a draft order that Ill broadcast using a draft order application. The draft order will be 100% random. Once we have the team draft order set we will start picking teams.

1. Rafa
2. Mr Ortiz
3. TBrian
4. Helldawg
5. Fallen2244
6. Burn (fireice)
7. JBell
8. SdChargers
9. Filthyhabitz
10. Spurdaddy
11. MikeNYHC
12. MrFulawka
13. SoCal

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Tuck -Houston
Fallen- Denver
Slick- Philly
Tampa- NYG

All these guys going on unlimited auto pilot

Also Burnt (Atlanta) is by choice
BBW (Miami) by choice

In order to get off the list you must reach out to your opponent. Guys are on this list for not being active, responsive owners. Anyone who disagrees... Just post your reasons here:

CPU teams

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Not filling roster is unacceptable:
Following 4 teams sit your starting qb 3 games

Giants 51/53 430 k cap Bridgewater
Texans 44/53 55mil cap Pryor
Vikes 49/53 250k cap Moody
Eagles 41/53 37 mil cap Foles

Depth chart violations
Raiders some back up starters on defense... Warning
Rams all good
Ravens hb back up at fb, some back ups ... Warning
Saints starters as back ups on defense/ cb at back up safty... Warning
Seattle starters as back ups hb slotted as #3 fb... Warning
Steelers all good
Texans foster at fb, fix...

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You guys all done with madden 15? Tuck/ Slick both havent filled your roster and we're in week 8.

Fallen you werent responsive im this weeks game.

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As msny know Burnt has been on unlimited auto. Reason being his Mom passed, she faught a long hard battle versus ALS.

Prayers with you Burnt. Hang in there bud and deeply sorry for your loss.

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Lions vs Raiders

Serious rule break, 2 rules actually. Lions manually zones a DE and DT to create a 2 man rush only. Wasnt even my game but needs to be addressed since it wasnt a mistake.

2 rules broken

1. At all times there should be at least 3 pass rushers coming from THE BOX (DL/LB) excluding Safeties in the box.
*Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you rush less than 3. The play "Velco 9" CAN be used, BUT you MUST still make sure there are 3 men rushing the QB by manually blitzing somebody.

2. Not allowed to manually put an "INTERIOR...

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Run to pass ratio?

IMO It happens in real life, more towards teams passing heavy more than rushing heavy. But it happens.

Rushing to te line?

Other than the Patriots irl i dont think too many teams do it. If we are going to enforce it, it wont be a game ratio it will be a; by each quater ratio.

No huddle?

4th down rules?

Let me know what you guys think...

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There are a good number of great matchups week 3. However, this one stands out, two great teams and owners!

by j_bell12 - Comments: 0 - Views: 162
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Early season, a lot of good matchups this week. I like this one the most... should be a good one to watch!

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Rule 1:
Going forward, No more offering contracts 6 or 7 years unless the player is looking for a contract with those length. Proof of picture is needed for a contract with these terms. The reason being, we don't even get to 7 years so we never have to deal with the crazy 2 last years. (Penalty for breaking this rule would be to release the player. The player would then sit in FA until the offseason FA bidding.)

Rule 2:
I'd like to try this now. We can only resign guys for the first 3 weeks of the season. After that the player choose to test the market. We still we be...

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He is debating between Redskins and Cards

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Welcome MikeNYHC

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Qb Matthew Stafford to sit the reamining games this season.
And to sit Stafford all of next season as well.

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Big Game for the Pats! A week 8 loss to the Chargers could come back to bite them! A win, and their in, a loss could cost them a spot in the post season!

.... no pressure.

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Slick/ Tbrian/ HD/ and myself have requested this group be part of the appeals commity. There is a group of 7. The first 5 votes count. 3 vote either vetos our decisions or passes any ruling. Anyone on the list who doesnt want to do it please let someone know. We're doing this because it seems as suspensions get handed out, opinions follow. Hopefully this will smooth things out. As the group is formed we'll figure out how to vote.

Mr Ortiz

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Another Potential Superbowl Matchup! I expect a great game between these two vets!

by j_bell12 - Comments: 0 - Views: 170
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Asking the core this question, that is still in tact. You guys want me to drop all the dead weight? Or be patient?

Not playing games:
Fallen (if he doesnt schedule with DBE i think this is is it)
Clax (has some real world stuff going on)
Redskinshog (Still deployed? hasnt responded to my texts)

Also, Southerncal is one game away from not broadcasting to being booted

Ive been recruiting, maybe you guys in MLb can recruit there?

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The 11-2 Steelers trying to take over the top spot in the AFC with a win over the 12-1 Raiders! Should be a great game!

by j_bell12 - Comments: 0 - Views: 200
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A potential AFC Championship matchup in this one! The Colts enter this game as the first Division clincher this season!

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Late season matchup between two Super Bowl Contenders! Potential SB matchup!

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Two NFC power houses match up in what should be a good one!

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Never tried to schedule his game vs Arizona. Rules say your opponent has 24 hours to respond to either the forum post under scheduling, a text message, or a direct message on group me. Seeing as you did none of these and just decided to play vs the CPU without giving Fallen a chance to schedule.

Andy Dalton needs to sit the next 2 games.

Bnd reply stating you accept this punishment

by Ra-fa_br - Comments: 14 - Views: 414
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Lions please sit HB Demarrae Huval for the next 4 games for not broadcasting too many of your games. I also had reminded you a couple weeks ago too

Staford is hurt

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Qb Stephens 8 games for KC.
And 6 games for Wr S. Guy
Game Play Running to balance out ratio and it seemed like running it up. Run to pass ratio was 35 to 6 while it counted. This is way too imbalanced. Got to mix up runs more and also must learn when to 'finish' the game with kneeling and respecting your opponent. Also running it up is never not tolerated.
No streaming
No Archiving

2 games Qb Narcisse for picking plays before offense and calling punt return as a defensive play on second down.

by Ra-fa_br - Comments: 2 - Views: 285
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Breaking CPU opponent Rules

Not broadcasting at any point during the game

4 games suspension for these infractions

SD sit QB CJ Darmen for not broadcasting an AP game

by Ra-fa_br - Comments: 1 - Views: 269
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Well SD at it again, sneaking behind one commishes back(rafa) who said it was a sim to get another commish to put me on AP

Well SD did not stream his illegal AP game

Im requesting he get player suspended according to the new AP Stream rule.

Breaking CPU opponent Rules

Super Simming is no longer allowed. If you don't have time then the game gets a sim. Do not super sim at all.

Breaking gameplay rules.

Not broadcasting at any point during the game

Starting 4 games

8 games suspension for these infractions

by deathbyeagle - Comments: 2 - Views: 239
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This kid just removes people from chat for no reason. He has zero commish powers to do so. Im req he be suspended from chat again like before. Then when he comes back, if he ever removes someone again, removed from league.

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Some solid teams going forward for Madden 16

New York Jets
Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcoins

Are open

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Congrats to all three guys - one as Champ, one as conference champ and the other as the Robar.

Home page news is updated to reflect these recent happenings and our HISTORY SECTION will also be updated pretty soon, or the first chance I get.

Helldawg66, or anybody else interested....I might need a small write-up on both the Champion and Robar for this specific season.

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Help me out.....who won?


Robar Winner needs to be announced as well.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 2 - Views: 233
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Since most of you are fucking retards Ill explain in detail what happened. The fact that anyone would think that I would put up them numbers and let it finish like that just proves how low of IQ's you people have. You really think I would run that many plays, all runs and think I would get away with it, esp with a target always on my back, lol.

Yes I ran a play every 12 secs, lol. thats not even possible if I did no huddle every play. Yes this game I ran like 90 times and passed 8 or something like that, yes of course i do it every game, that how i had all them passing stats all season,...

by deathbyeagle - Comments: 0 - Views: 184
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