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Post by chrebet1024

DBE....6 TD's from Doug Martin against the CPU?

What happened here?

....and Jamaal Charles has 15 TD's already.  I gotta start looking hard at these box scores again.

no doubt both backs are great...but damn.


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Post on 3/31/2014, 5:01 pm by deathbyeagle

Sorry cpu really sucked. I actually ran 5 diff hbs, 3 of them had over 100 yards each,even threw some passes. Martin sat the entire 2nd half, so all those tds were first half. I had to even start punting in the redzone to not score anymore points.

Post on 3/31/2014, 5:35 pm by chrebet1024


Guys let this be a warning...for example.  Death is one of the best SIM guys in the league...and shit like this does happen....intentionally or intentionally.

I hate a league filled with suspensions...but it's a must sometimes.

Everybody be careful.

Post on 4/1/2014, 12:06 pm by Zeemen

Ya Jamal Charles plays until half time bad icky each game not much more I can do I at least have to make sure game is won. I clearly see yr point and if he is scoring in blowouts in 3'rd and forth quarter then absolutely. In my last two games I think I had 35 and 31 at half time so I basicly can't and don't throw for the 3'rd and 4th quarters. I can pull him before halftime but that seems a bit ridiculous and not sim. I'm not sure what else to do with him. Just keep sitting him after halftime I guess.

Post on 4/1/2014, 12:55 pm by BurntCabbage

I have never had any issues with having to sit any of my players because they were approaching record breaking stats midway through the season.

Post on 4/1/2014, 3:12 pm by chrebet1024

Lol at cabbage....yeah zee I understand u know that. And I'm not saying ur doing anything wrong either. I'm prolly just being overly critical. 15 in 5 games is just nuts.

Post on 4/1/2014, 3:14 pm by chrebet1024

....somewhat like cabbage I won't ever run into that problem either.....BC I have a goal line back. Bernard is not at the level of Charles.....and I use Blumberg at the goalline.

Post on 4/1/2014, 4:44 pm by Zeemen

Ya Charles is 99 speed. 98 agil.  98 acc 97 elu   And like 81 catch so one miss tackle and he's gone. I've never had a back like him either. The negative to him is I totally get 12 oass attempts per game so not cool but it's one or the other I guess. Funny he doesn't seem to score 3 Tds against the jets he is a play off bum

Post on 4/1/2014, 5:05 pm by chrebet1024 he'll get his chance this year...hopefully.  We got some serious AFC competition.....

...and you had Kellen Clemens in last year's game.

Post on 4/2/2014, 12:51 pm by SDchargers373

pshhh chargers winning it all if we make the playoffs zee and death can run up the score on the CPU all they want... #SDSTRONG:)

Post on 4/2/2014, 3:45 pm by chrebet1024

.....can somebody break down that AFC title game wall? Jets/Chiefs in both seasons so far.....

Chargers? Bengals? Colts? Maybe Browns now with GA? Dolphins? Pats? Ravens? Titans? Broncos? Jags playing sell this year too?

...who's gonna do it?

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