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Defense Formations

Post by dterry028

While trying to improve on my defense, could some owners help me understand the thought process behind nickle, dime, quarters. I understand dime and quarter better for pass but why, how many corners or safety's are in each formation, in return you can get free concessions if you ever come to a packers game.
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Post on 4/3/2014, 8:23 pm by chrebet1024

I would love to go to Lambeau one day for a game....

Well think of it like this....

--HEAVY (Goalline, 4-4) matches up against 1 WR or Less Personnel
--BASE (3-4, 4-3, 46, 5-2) matches up against a 2 WR Personnel
--NICKEL (5 DB's, sometimes 3 safeties and 2 CBs / sometimes 3 CB's and 2 Safeties) matches up against 3 WR Personnel
--DIME/DOLLAR/SUB (6 DB's, could be 4 CB's and 2 Safeties, or 3 CB's and 3 Safeties) matches up against 4 WR Personnel
--QUARTER (7 DB's, 4 CB's and 3 Safeties) matches up against 5 WR Personnel

Personnel is the main factor...but situations are just as important.  Whatever YOU put on the field lets the OFFENSE KNOW where your vulnerability lies.

If you go Nickel against a 2 WR set, then he can more easily RUN the ball....because the extra DB is NOT as good against the run as a LB.

If you go Base against a 4 WR set, then he can more easily PASS the ball....because LB's will then be matched up against the slot WR's.

It's always a cat and mouse game at the line.  We preach to stay MATCHED UP, but situations (LIKE IN REAL LIFE) also dictate personnel.

If it's 3rd and 15 and the offense puts out a 2 WR set...I'd be a damn fool to put out a BASE DEFENSE.  I'm prolly gonna go Quarter or Dime in that situation....KNOWING he can't run it to pick up a 1st.....and bc of that I'll have a NICKEL BACK (5th DB) on his TE, and a DIME BACK (6th DB) on a RB coming out of the backfield.

....but the situation of 3rd and 15 is the KEY there.

Same goes if it's 3rd and 1.  In today's NFL...on short yardage 3rd downs...teams will INTENTIONALLY spread the defense out....they'll put 3 or 4 WR sets out there....forcing the defense to make a decision.

Do they match up with the offense and go DIME against their 4 WR set?  This keeps them safe against the pass but bc it's a 3rd and 1, will be a lot tougher to stop the run for a first down.

Or do they gamble and go BASE DEFENSE and be ready to stop the run?  In that situation it's a huge gamble because then LB's and/or Safeties will be MATCHED up against the speedy 3rd and 4th WR's.

Post on 4/3/2014, 8:26 pm by chrebet1024

....those LAST 2 examples are REAL examples of when you should NOT match personnel.

Post on 4/4/2014, 5:54 am by SDchargers373

chre nailed it. nickel runs two LBs 5 db 4 man front..nickel 3-3-5 3 man front, 3 lbs 5 dbs…it gets pretty intricate lol. a lot of the subset formations of another formation like Dime to Dime flat just move the position of the players around also.

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