Steelers (GreenLegend37) Booted


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Steelers (GreenLegend37) Booted

Post by chrebet1024

I liked this guy a lot...he plays a good sim game and seemed like a solid owner.

But he quit a game today around halftime against the Eagles.  I asked him why, he responded by saying "I don't feel like taking another loss."

He also responded saying Slick and Zeemen both play with the CB's UP to the line every play.  So he doesn't understand why they're still in the league.

Bottom line is this...if you quit a will be gone from all of the Elite Leagues IMMEDIATELY.  There is NO call for wasting people's time.  REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR OPPONENT is playing the right way OR wrong way.

We have an open forum to discuss UNSIM PLAY....and we have commishes who can and will deal down punishments if the correct evidence is there....look at the past suspensions handed down.

Discussing it OPENLY, or CAPTURING IT by recording is so EASY TO DO, it is in-excusable NOT TO.

Steelers will be open until I find somebody.


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Post on 4/7/2014, 11:08 pm by Zeemen

Ya that's too bad I was hoping he would wirk out. Some people just hate losing but your right ya have to take your losses. The reason of quitting bc a owner put cbs on press is def a petty thing. Slick is a solid player and owner. Only played him once in season one but had no issue with game play.

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