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Complaint Guidelines

Rule #1 Just don't be a douchebag

This is the procedure to file a complaint with the league about anything which includes a complaint about another owner:

--Under the "Gameplay Talk" section of the Forum there are 2 sections titled "SIM Play Complaints" and "Disconnect Complaints."
--This is where you need to POST A MESSAGE describing the Complaint you have.
--It can be any number of things....a SIM Complaint against another player, or an Internet Connection problem are the two most popular choices.
--Please provide a message calmly explaining what your complaint is.  Provide detailed information and even VIDEO EVIDENCE of your complaint.
--We want all of these complaints to be discussed in an OPEN FORUM, as this is the best way to make the league AWARE of what's going on, and how to get better.
--Because SIM play is so SUBJECTIVE, it needs to be on the forum in an OFFICIAL complaint. We CANNOT have texting or chatting with bits and pieces of nonsense. Being that it's subjective, the Commishes can review both owner's positions, review the videotape, and rule on the complaint also allowing the entire league to know where they stand on a certain item.
--There is to NEVER be any complaints about an owners play in any negative way through text or chat.

--Let's be honest here, with PS4 it is literally the easiest thing to provide video evidence about another owner, so USE those capabilities.  We also have our scouting reports to voice your displeasure.
--Remember that EVERYTHING we see and here gets stored I'm the good old memory bank for future or present action.

Sharing Pics and Videos
You can obviously share video evidence to back up a claim.

Punishments for Breaking the Rules
--There will be no specific guidelines for suspensions.  We want the fear of the "Unknown" to be a major factor here.
--A lot will go into a suspension decision.  The severity of the offense and whether or not the owner is a repeat offender are two examples.

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