worst game ever



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worst game ever

Post by titanbrian

I just played the worst game ever. 3 times during the game i was going to quit, telling myself i don't need to waste my time with this crap.

The first half went along with the Texan defense shutting down his run game. Down 13 points before 2min.warning he takes a sack. Then on 2 and 16 he kneels the ball, with the clock at 2:00, he can't run out the clock, wtf is going on? 3rd down another kneel them he punts to me.

At this point i realize he is not passing at all and when he does he holds the ball and takes a sack.

My DT gets injured (I'm sure cuz of the continued runs up the middle), so after half up only 13 i sub my entire lineup, realizing he doesn't want to win.i send a text asking if he gave up? He says "not really, lets play"

Rest of the game was runs up the middle, a qb kneel with 9 min. Left, and some 3 man deep defense in my short yardage situations

His stats; geno smith 1 for 3, 11 yds, 2 sacks ( 5 attempts)

He is down 13, no passing?

Game stats; 11 yards total rushing, - 2 passing, and a big waste of my time. This was with all my subs in, and trying to give him yards.

You would think he was going for a high draft pick, but he doesn't have a #1, the jets have it, lol

J_bell wtf dude?
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Post on 4/20/2014, 11:38 am by rascrush

wow I have to say i dont really expect that from jbell but ya that does suck

Post on 4/20/2014, 11:45 am by chrebet1024

J_bell what is going on?

Post on 4/20/2014, 1:38 pm by titanbrian

J_bell, had a long conversation with me and explained his circumstance. There is no good excuse, and being respectful of your opponents time should always be a high priority. We will move past it, and he gets a chance to redeem himself, because we play in fantasy in a couple weeks.


Post on 4/20/2014, 3:49 pm by deathbyeagle

Sounds to me like someone needs a break from madden for a bit.

Post on 4/20/2014, 5:16 pm by chrebet1024

....it sounds like J_Bell12 had company over and had to rush to get done.  It's interesting to think about what somebody should do in a situation like that.

I'm thinking the only thing to do is text your opponent that you've been put in a bad situation.  Tell him your going to back out of the game and have him play the CPU by putting yourself on Auto.

Obviously you don't want to start a game you can't finish....but shit happens sometimes...we all understand that.

It does suck to see somebody doing stuff like that in what's supposed to be a real game.

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