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Buccaneers request

Post by xlonestar-x

Hb Jeff demps hb to wr

Fs Chris banjo to ss

Demps is a dual threat guy I want to try on the outside as he isn't getting many carries and banjo to ss as he's a shorter guy and for depth reasons.
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Post on 5/4/2014, 9:56 pm by chrebet1024

Banjo is approved...Demps is NOT

...and technically 8:30 is the DEADLINE

Post on 5/4/2014, 9:58 pm by xlonestar-x

Sorry I was busy with family having a cook out don't know here was a deadline on position changes, and can I get reasons why I can't move demps to wr ?

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:09 pm by chrebet1024

...he's never played there before in his career.  He's been a kick returner, and somewhat of a RB.

If he has played WR before....send me a link.  What's his height?  what are his attributes that make him fit the WR position?

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:10 pm by chrebet1024

....you just texted me that you already switched him to WR?

Well then you must release him


Release him.

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:11 pm by chrebet1024

you cannot switch back once you make the switch...madden doesn't allow it.

Release Demps before the draft ends or you will be suspended.

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:14 pm by xlonestar-x

I will not use him at wr , I honestly didn't know u can't switch then switch back. Also ur reasoning on why he can't play wr isn't legitimate to me ? Just because he's never played wr irl doesn't mean he can't switch positions . Like I text you look at mcluster last year for the Cheifs he was a rb all through college even in nfl to start his career .

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:18 pm by chrebet1024

the reason is this:

Because it opens up PANDORA's FUCKING BOX..and creates complete chaos if we allow guys to change positions freely....and creates chaos if we do NOT follow rules.

I have WAY TOO MUCH to do as it is during the draft....looking at position change requests cannot be one of them.

here are the rules stated clearly:

Release him before the draft ends (Round 4)...and do NOT resign him...somebody else will have him now.

Player Positions
***You are NOT allowed to make a player positional change unless 1st approved on the website first.  The ones that you CAN make are the ones during season that are symmetrical and they ALLOW you to make.  Example:  RT to LT, or SS to FS.

We have 53 roster spots available for our team, and you are required to carry 53 players on your team at all times! Listed are the minimum required at every position which EQUALS 43 PLAYERS, fill in the rest how you so choose to get to 53 players.

***NO EXCEPTIONS...every NFL team carries 53, and so will we

***Obviously...the Offseason is the only time we are allowed to go under 53

QB - 3 (and you MUST have all 3 QB's in your QB slots on depth chart)
RB - 3
WR - 4
FB/TE - 3
OL - 8
DT - 3
DE - 3
MLB - 3
OLB - 3
CB - 4
S - 4
K - 1
P – 1

Player Depth Chart/Substitutions
On Depth chart/in game substitutions and/or formation packages, the following players can ONLY play the following positions. This also applies to injuries, it's your fault if you don’t have enough players to cover the DC/Sub requirements. If an audible or anything else puts the wrong player in a wrong spot, this is an illegal play and punishable.

Free Safety:  FS, SS
***that means only FS's and SS's can be in the FS slot on your Depth Chart.
Cornerback:  CB, FS, SS
***that means only CB's, FS's and SS's can be in the CB slot on your Depth Chart.

Quarterback : QB unless it's Wild Cat play (MUST have all 3 QB's in those 3 depth chart slots, If K or P is in there you will be suspended)
Halfback : HB or FB unless it's Wild Cat Play
Fullback : FB, TE (dual HB is allowed if in Shotgun/Pistol formation only)
Wide Receiver :  WR, (TE/HB if #4 or #5 on Depth Chart only)
Tight End : TE, (FB and LT,RT allowed only for #3 slots - or if subbed in must be in 3 TE formation)
*Only allowed to have a max of 6 OL in the game at one time
*The formations or automatic sub packages that ALLOW FB to play the 2nd TE ARE ALLOWED, but you can only MANUALLY SUB them in if it's a 3 TE Set.
Tackle : LT, RT
Center : C, LG, RG
Guard :  LG, RG, C
*OL Rules ONLY apply to STARTER SLOTS.  Backups can be any position mix.
Defensive Tackle: DT, 3-4 LE, 3-4 RE (4-3 LE and 4-3 RE are allowed if used only in a passing situations and in certain sub packages such as NASCAR)
Defensive End: LE, RE, DT, (3-4 LOLB and 3-4 ROLB are allowed if used in a 4-3 scheme or in passing/sub situations)
Outside Linebacker: LOLB, ROLB, MLB, (4-3 LE and 4-3 RE are allowed if used in a 3-4 scheme)
Middle Linebacker: MLB, LOLB, ROLB (The OLB's CANNOT be 3-4 scheme guys to play MLB, they MUST be 4-3 OLB's)
Cornerback : CB, FS, SS
Free Safety : FS, SS
Strong Safety : SS, FS
Kicker : K
Punter : P

***Here's the bottom line with the Front 7 alignment.....Forget positions as it will only confuse you....remember this, there are really ONLY 3 different types of Front 7 players.
1.  Big Guys (All DT's and 3-4 DE's)
2.  Edge Rushers (4-3 DE's and 3-4 OLB's)
3.  Linebackers (All MLB's and 4-3 OLB's)
............ALWAYS have at least this on the field when in a Base Defense (4-3, 3-4, 46):
--2 Big Guys
--2 Edge Rushers
--2 Linebackers
--The 7th guy can be one of choice depending on the Scheme you run.
For example if you run a 3-4 you will have 3 big guys, 2 edge rushers and 2 linebackers / a 4-3 will have 2 big guys, 2 edge rushers and 3 linebackers.

***Special Teams Manipulation***
Some guys like to put STARTERS in RESERVE roles so their special teams will be better as a result.  
--This is NOT allowed
--In some cases yes, you're going to have starters in reserve roles at certain positions, but if it is clear that you are doing it across your entire depth chart so your special teams has better players on it, you will be punished.
--The most COMMON abuse is putting your LOLB starter at #2 at ROLB and ROLB starter at #2 LOLB.  Same with FS starter at #2 SS and SS starter at #FS.  

*****These depth chart rules are very strict and will be followed closely.  The only way to get around the above limitations is to Request a "Player Position Change" during the offseason which has its own dedicated thread.

Position Change Requests
--In-Season you are allowed to make those "Symetrical Changes" that the game allows you to.  For example moving a LG to RG or a LOLB to ROLB.
***If you are found however to be doing this in order to manipulate the XP system then you will be severely punished
***If a guy is starting for you at one position and you DO have the ability to change him to that position in-season, then you MUST do so.

--Out of season Change Requests must be submitted on that dedicated section of the forum.  You must have realistic evidence to back up a request and it must make football sense for your team.  The commish will either approve or decline from there.
***Never change a player's position during the offseason without having it approved first.
***Once we get to 1 HOUR before the NFL Draft, the Position Change Request process is over until NEXT offseason.
***Rookies CANNOT change positions until after their 1st full season.

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:23 pm by chrebet1024

...according to your theory....because the Chiefs did it with Mcluster then you should be able to do it with Demps.


So once demps goes through....then zeemen will do it with Charles and site the reason bc Demps happened..the doubled187 with Peterson..then the next guy will do it...then the next guy.

I know Peterson and Charles would never want to be moved.....but do you understand?

Now I haven't looked at his attribute ratings yet bc I'm doing the draft right now....but what's his catch rating? route running? ...and so on.

...including being posted after 8:30 pm et.

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Post on 5/4/2014, 10:25 pm by xlonestar-x

You said to back it up with some evidence and I pointed out mcluster because the Cheifs did it with him last year . Yes I know I was late on request but forgive me for having family time and not posting sooner !

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:29 pm by chrebet1024

....I'm just a little frustrated right now.

I understand that's where the Mcluster thing came to play....but I'm saying that we have to be tough on the position change requests.  

It's a very RARE thing for a HB to be moved to WR.

It was declined.

What I'm WAY MORE UPSET ABOUT is you made the CHANGE WITHOUT APPROVAL FIRST when it CLEARLY says in the rules NOT TO.

No big deal....just release Demps before round 4 ends.

Post on 5/4/2014, 10:31 pm by xlonestar-x

I'm not releasing him suspend me !

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