Giants / RasCrush- Unnecessary Scoring Rule



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Giants / RasCrush- Unnecessary Scoring Rule

Post by Helldawg66

Unnecessary Scoring rule is :

Anyone that scores points when leading by 3 possessions, meaning 17 points or more, and there's less than 2 minutes remain will be subject to player suspension or removal from League based on following factors:
*Length of TD play
*Type of TD (Pass or Run)
*Time remaining
*Score difference

Game was 38-13 [me winning] less than 2 minutes left and I failed to get the 1st down and had to punt. Ras didn't call timeouts at any point before the 2 min warning out of desperation but with around 1:20 left he calls an unnecessary (1st) time out when my attempt for the first down falls short. After punt, immediately throws a 58 yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz with 1:11 left despite being down 25 [4scores] with no chance at all to come back. Rodgers also broke 300 passing yards only because of this play. (313 total)I've been bitching all day about using today for studying. The extra time is kindof a pain in the ass [this is the only final I'm remotely worried about in class] Just kindof a weak statpad move with the timeout and attempt. Did try the onside kick, I recovered, he did not use a timeout and let me knee it to end afterwards.

This is the 2nd week in a row with a late timeout when comebacks were unrealistic. Last week I don't care about, it was the dude's first game you gotta expect little things like that because let's be honest who the hell remembers half the rules their first few games. Ras, you been here a while, come on bro. Down 25 less then a min and a half left just let the clock die. Other than that crap at the end I've got no complaints about the game itself, he played a sim game.
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Post on 5/7/2014, 12:24 am by Helldawg66

I know I was leading, (it's late, my brains wrecked from books) the point is the unnecessary bit.

Post on 5/7/2014, 12:29 am by Helldawg66

It says "If losing big and less than 1 minute left you are not to pass unless you have your backups in play otherwise just get the game over with". 11 second difference of the time of the pass seems kinda irrelevant when it's that close to it. Rodgers threw it Cruz got it.

Post on 5/7/2014, 12:36 am by Helldawg66

2-pt conversion after the touchdown also made it 38-21

1. Allowed only if trying to
*Tie game
*Reduce deficit to 3, 7, 8, 11, 16 or 24 pts during 2nd half only
*Increase lead to 3, 7, 14 or 21 points during 2nd half only
*Win game when less than 1 minute remains

None of these apply as the lead was cut to 17. still would've needed 3 scores within 1:11 to tie.

Post on 5/7/2014, 7:09 am by j_bell12

I do agree with you 100%. However, if I look through my game archives, you could suspend 7 or 8 more guys from play. It's happened to me a ton. Stat padding and running up scores.passing in the fourth up huge. Most recently to end last season, opp. Was running the ball up three scores four mins to go. No sub, guy ended up with 32 carries 263 yards multi td game with his halfback. With the !! Of him throwing a screen for a Td to end his drive with about exactly a min to go. No subs, up big no time for me to come back... Cheese ball stuff... Yup. But some of the league's favorites do this more often then complained about. People just need to get sportsmanship fine tuned I think.

Post on 5/7/2014, 9:16 am by chrebet1024

If it is POSTED...then suspensions will be handed down....that is the key. We cannot do anything about it if its not posted. this accurate? ....what Helldawg laid out here....

Post on 5/7/2014, 11:57 am by Helldawg66

jbell totally agree bout the finetuning. Like out of this league I've come back from down 14 with a minute left. But when you're talking 3 scores you don't really have the time without cheesing basically. 4 it's just wasting time not letting it die out. I get people accidentally scoring if they're close and can't knee it out or kneeing it out and having to take the fg when they have big leads, but when you're up big or down big and there's really no time just let the clock die as fast as you can.

Post on 5/7/2014, 12:16 pm by titanbrian

If I'm shutting a guy out, I'm totally ok him trying to get a score, lol. Otherwise they just wasting my time.

Post on 5/8/2014, 3:43 pm by rascrush

it is somewhat true yes. The actual fact was yes I was down 25 yes I called a time out to get the ball back and try and score. However on the play the play was not suppose to go to cruz lol. Rodgers happened to throw a horrible pass that was no were near the actual guy I was going to and cruz happened to catch it somehow still no quite sure. At that point helldawg missed a tackle and cruz scored. I went for the two to make it down by 17 with 1min 20 left now crazier things have happened yes the chances of me coming back are about 1 in a million but if I somehow could have recovered that onside kick I thought I had a chance so I tried the onside kick. On paper in looks like I was stat pilling with a deep pass to cruz if we can look at the tape you will see just how shitty of a throw it really was and good deep to cruz on that play was in no way shape or form what I was trying to do.

Post on 5/8/2014, 4:58 pm by chrebet1024

....Passing is not the big issue here...I mean should you run it out?  Yeah....but I could understand passing and maybe throwing one deep bomb if the defense is not ready for it.

But calling a timeout there is the tough one.

Post on 5/8/2014, 7:49 pm by BurntCabbage

You know......I'm not so sure here. Yes he could have killed the clock but he was playing football and put a nice little spin on an otherwise shitty loss. I doubt anyone broke a record on this TD pass. He was going to get the ball back and wanted to play. That's what we are here for, to "play". I don't care what my reason is for continuing to play when I'm down big.....If I want to try and score, just want to practice, or whatever.....who's to tell me I'm wrong?

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