***Bills Suspension (tblock123), please read and accept


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***Bills Suspension (tblock123), please read and accept

Post by BurntCabbage

Tblock,  I am suspending WR Stevie Johnson for 1 game for your roster violations.  Please remove him from your depth chart and correct the roster violations by your next game.  The violations are as follows:

1.) Your a short one DT.  Rules state you must carry a minimum of three, and you have two.

2.) #4 DT is a MLB.  MLB's are not allowed to be on the depth chart at DT per rules.

3.) You have nothing in WR slot #6.

4.) You only have 1 HB (64 0vr) and 1 FB in your four HB slots.  You need to have all 4 spots filled (example-HB,HB,HB,FB).  Not sure why you wouldn't have CJ spiller on the depth chart honestly.

*UPDATE* I just realized that #4 is because you have players off your depth chart due to your last suspension. Ignore #4.....#1,2,&3 still apply.

Please agree by replying "i agree" or something like that.
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Post on 5/20/2014, 11:08 pm by BurntCabbage

All the roster corrections have been made, however........
You never sat WR Stevie Johnson for his 1 game suspension. I let you have a pass benching him against my team, but he played again the very next week. He is now suspended for the next 4 games Please remove him from yuor depth chart against the Falcons in week 8, week 10 against the Jets, Week 11 against the Dolphins, and Week 12 against the Broncos. If you do not remove him, i will suspend him for the remainder of the season.

Accept by relying.

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