Depth chart violations


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Depth chart violations

Post by Ra-fa_br

Bears: none

Bengals: cb at #3 FS,

Bills: cb at #3 ss

Broncos: hb at #2,3 FB
2 TE on depth chart
Cb at #3 fs

Browns: hb at #2,3 fb
Cb at #3 fs

Bucs hb at #2,3 fb
Starters backing up all over front 7 on defense

Cards 2 Qb's
Cb at #3 for fs and ss

Chargers NONE

Chiefs NONE

Colts NONE

Cowboys Hb at #2 fb
Cb at #3 ss

Dolphins NONE

Eagles starting ss at #3 fs

Falcons hb at #3 fb

49ers NONE

Giants Hb's at 2,3 fb
Starters backing up all over defensive front 7
Cb at Fs
Back up fs and ss are starters

Hb at 3 fb
4 wr at wr depth
Lb's , ss, fs starters backing up
Cb at #3 ss


Lions NONE
not sure if there is a rule for minimum backs for non QB positions

Packers Hb at 2 fb
Cb at #2 ss

Panthers NONE

Patriots NONE

Raiders hb at 1,3 fb

Rams ss/ fs starters backing up

Ravens NONE

Redskins NONE

Saints NONE

Seahwaks Hb at 2,3 fb
Starting lb's backing up

Steelers NONE

Texans hb at 2 fb

Titans NONE

Vikings starting lb's/ ss/ fs backing up
Cb at #3 ss

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