Whats up with the league???



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Whats up with the league???

Post by C-May

Are we still a league? I'm just asking cause it seems not the same. Let me know cause I have other things I could be doing. Mostly smoking and chilling. Lol But anyway can we get an update on what's up. I just had a game simmed that I had scheduled to play @8:30pm tonight and it was simmed. I guess I'm not even sure when the advance was scheduled for. Just voicing my concern.

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Post on 10/24/2013, 9:05 pm by Flybad

Yes c may we are still playing. Cabbage has been working crazy hours and doesn't have time for this league or to update the website. He gave the commishonership to Z so this league could finish. We are still advancing every 3 days, but unfortunately the website is not prompting us. We had a delay in advancing last week when cabbage handed over the commishonership. We advanced on Sunday 10/20, 10/23 and are due to advance again on 10/26. It will B every 3 days going forward. Most owners are excited for 11/15/13... As am I. So there isn't a lot of activity, but the die hards are still playing and competing.

Post on 10/24/2013, 9:48 pm by C-May

Cool.....appreciate the feedback!

Post on 10/28/2013, 11:19 am by trevaluv

Im still here with you guys. Lets keep things going strong. Ps4 is right around the corner but lets not just give up on this season...

Post on 10/28/2013, 5:39 pm by Flybad

Absolutely trevaluv!

Post on 10/29/2013, 11:56 am by chrebet1024

Trevaluv and Flybad...come take a team in the fantasy league for shits and gigs until ps4 comes. We are full right now but there are 2 owners I'm on the fence about and will boot for inactivity right away if u want in.

Post on 10/30/2013, 1:05 pm by tampamountaineer

still here!

Post on 10/30/2013, 3:33 pm by Flybad

I appreciate the invite Chrbet, but between work, my daughter, my wife and hunting season...1 league is all I am capable of committing to. I started this one. It's been fun playing w a default roster...and I always finish what I start.

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