Start of Year Schedule, PLEASE READ


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Start of Year Schedule, PLEASE READ

Post by chrebet1024

Alright so, here's a few things to know....

1. We are doing Coach Mode, with it being MANDATORY to "Create a Coach."

2. We have the Franchise Creation date as Tuesday night.  Trust me, the rosters will be on point with 75-man rosters....BUT please still use the "Request a Player" thread if you really want a guy.

3. We WILL do a 1 Round Free Agent draft going in the order of worst overall rated team to first (using the manual updates I did implement).  
***The FA Draft is scheduled for Wednesday night at 9 pm et on GroupMe.  If guys cannot make the draft, you are advised to text me your top choices that day.

--Tues, Aug 26thGame Release and franchise creation shorty after (NO free agency or dropping players as I will move on to the Preseason Week 1 stage so everybody can see what FA's are out there)
--Wed, Aug 27th, 9 pm etFA Draft (hey, if you're not on the ball and join the franchise on Tues or Wed, u will not partake in the FA draft)
***AFTER the FA Draft is completed, you may start cutting players if you wish
--Thurs, Aug 28th, 9:00 pm etAdvance to preseason Week 2, which at his point, FA starts and u may drop players as well
--Thurs Aug 28th, 9:15 pm et: Advance to preseason Week 3
--Thurs, Aug 28th, 9:30 pm et: Advance to preseason Week 4
--Thurs, Aug 28th, 10 pm et: Advance to reg season week 1, where season 1 games begin, where first advance will be our normal Sunday night at 10 pm et.

Notes about preseason advances:
*We are doing this BC we are going to leave preseason injuries ON for Weeks 2 and 3. 
*You MUST keep your depth chart in a "normal" setup, meaning do not even think about trying to take out starters of their reg starting spots to avoid injury.  BC if you do, you will lose that player for the ENTIRE YEAR.
*Now, every team will start with the preseason 75 man rosters (with real life manual adjustments made by me before creation of franchise.) during each 15 minute increment of preseason, it is up to you on what u wanna do.  You can cut to the number of player a necessary to avoid auto cuts...or u can choose to keep a few extra each time to allow for some wiggle room and let the CPU cut a few guys for you.  Up to you.  But agency is open during all of these half hour increments.

***IF YOU WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE THURSDAY NIGHT DURING ALL OF THIS...IT IS WISE TO CUT YOUR ROSTER TO 53 BEFORE OUR FIRST ADVANCE TO PRESEASON WEEK 2.  You may start cutting players AFTER the FA Draft ends.  You should do this so the CPU does not automatically start cutting players for you.

We will have a representative from each division monitoring their division's depth charts to make sure nobody is taking stars out of the lineup to avoid injury possibility.

AFC east - cabbage
AFC north - JBell
AFC south - Brian
AFC west - bull
NFC east - slick
NFC north - natty
NFC south - tony
NFC west - DBE

...and then I will be monitoring those 8 guys.

Sliders will be a WIP for season 1

Determinations about drafting all 7 rounds (and trading them as well) will come as we learn more about the rookie classes.  Sliders will be a work in progress during Season 1.  During the Demo and the first couple days of gameplay...please reply to THIS MESSAGE giving input on what you think about sliders and settings.

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Post on 8/8/2014, 7:34 am by titanbrian

You said advancing on a normal Monday night. Is this a typo? Or do we have a new advance schedule?

Post on 8/8/2014, 7:46 am by chrebet1024

sorry, Sunday

Post on 8/8/2014, 5:46 pm by Zeemen

Does this mean that the Bears are first in FA signing. I think they are the worst team.

Post on 8/9/2014, 12:33 pm by Ra-fa_br

Draft should go 32 to 1 by preseason power rankings

Post on 8/9/2014, 1:17 pm by chrebet1024

Ra-fa_br wrote:Draft should go 32 to 1 by preseason power rankings

...its gonna go 32 to 1 based on overall ratings after I make the manual roster moves to reflect real life moves.

Post on 8/21/2014, 1:36 pm by chrebet1024


Post on 8/21/2014, 3:12 pm by chrebet1024

UPDATED....sore guys for updating again...but it's better to get it right then leave it wrong.

Thursday night will be our "action" day.  I will be able to get hone early enough on Tuesday where incan do the rosters and create the franchise.  Know that sliders will be a WIP for season 1.

Post on 8/24/2014, 10:51 am by chrebet1024


Preseason Injuries ON for Preseason Weeks 2 and 3.  We will still do the half hour intervals for all weeks.

Post on 8/24/2014, 11:47 am by bbw6506

you mean week 3-4 right?

Post on 8/24/2014, 11:58 am by chrebet1024

No...2 and 3. They are the weeks where starters see the most time.

Post on 8/24/2014, 12:08 pm by Yeah Dog

Not being argumentative - but 30 minutes it's a long time between there a reason we need that much time? Or if there is stuff you guys running the league need to get done during that time that's cool.

Post on 8/24/2014, 12:39 pm by chrebet1024


Bull is on fire....changed to 15 minute increments (with injuries only on for Weeks 2 and 3, this is more feasible).

Also, when you can CUT players is explained better.

Post on 8/28/2014, 6:52 pm by chrebet1024


We ARE going through with our Festivities tonight of going through preseason and advancing to week 1.  Be ready at 9 pm et.

You can NOT pick up any Free Agents UNTIL we advance to Week 2 of the Preseason.

***Know this though....if for ANY reason we have to RECREATE the franchise, then EVERYTHING up to this point right now (Same rosters, FA Draft, and Trades)...WILL still carry over to the new recreated franchise.

Anything from right now (tonight)...moving forward...will NOT count if we recreate.

***The Eagles / Dolphins trade DOES count if it is approved.

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