Preseason Injuries ON


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Preseason Injuries ON

Post by chrebet1024

Alright guys we need some feedback. For those who've been here for awhile, you know we've been talking about this and thinking about implementing it for a while. What do you think about leaving injuries on during the preseason Sim?

Consider a few things:

--injuries in Madden are garbage. There are usually not enough, and when we turn the slider up to create more, it feels out of whack as there then becomes too many stoppages of play with little injuries. Very tough to find that "sweet spot" with the slider.

--as the salary cap is concerned...many guys use most of their money on their stars or their starters, and then they pick up absolute garbage of the waiver wire, fully realizing that they'll never play. Turning injuries on during preseason will force guys to make sure they care about how deep their team is and spread the money out more for those last 20 guys on the team. It will also make guys think twice about putting starters on special teams.

--and the excuse of I want injuries to only happen when I play...or I want to control injuries doesn't fly. They are very random at times...and it would be pretty damn challenging and nice to be faced with those uncontrollable situations...just like real life teams face every august.

It looks like we are gonna do this...unless somebody can convince us otherwise. Let's hear it.


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Post on 8/21/2014, 11:23 am by bu11ze1

not a fan as I think everyone should get to start fresh, but I can see the attraction being a simulated process...interesting to see how this thread turns out. Another option would be to do a quick advance playable preseason, like 1 advance per day so that we at least have a chance to update depth or even get a game in and sit our starters after a quarter or 2. (I know some asshole will whore the xp and ruin this option) but then we can start getting into punishments for abuse Smile

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:24 am by tony87blue

i'm all for this!!

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:25 am by Fallen2244

I like this idea! I just don't like the idea of pre-existing injuries. You are right, injuries are random in game, so this is really no different.

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:28 am by tony87blue

idk bout playing preseason games, the starters get subbed out regardless when you sim the preseason and they get subbed auto as well when we play the game (like you said, it's when people put them back in to xp whore that we have an issue).

however, instead of just simming the entire preseason in 1 minute...i'd suggest you give us say 5-10mins between preseason weeks to check our roster and do roster mods in case of injuries.

(well, assuming you do preseason like i did in mxl and simmed the entire thing right after a few minutes allowed to sign FAs after rookie draft)

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:42 am by chrebet1024

Definitely no pre exiatng injuries. The only real life thing we will carry into year is roster moves. And I'm not a fan of playing any preseasom games.

Now here's the question. BC guys know this, some will try to take superstars off the depth chart completely so they don't get do we monitor this?

Do we say you are allowed to configure your depth chart anyway u want as long as all 53 guys appear on the chart abiding by our depth chart rules? .....or do we try to police a realistic looking depth chart with starters starting?

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:44 am by bu11ze1

you'd also have to consider how we do roster cuts. do we cut down to 53 then start week 1 preseason (well this isn't realistic), do we space out time to make cuts in between advances? (time consuming). tricky tricky

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:51 am by chrebet1024

We definitely will have everybody do the one round FA draft...then have our "FA frenzy" for an hour...and hen make sure eveybody is cut to 53 and have their depth chart in order before we Sim thru preseason. This will all happen Friday seen on our "start ofnseason schedule."

I don't see an issue with figuring your roster out during week one after your injuries are known...or only having 53. There is no option to do more BC we then will allow CPU to auto cut guys.

...and if we allow for cuts I'm between preseason weeks...guys will surely try to cheat the depth chart during that time by taking stars out of the chart. ...and I think it's pretty tough to monitor that 4 times within an hour say.

So its gotta be an straight Sim and 53. ....and I think I'm leaning towards "regular depth charts" checking them once before simming starts.

It is tricky tho

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:53 am by tony87blue

the answer to your questions may be that we require 1 additional day in offseason schedule for our preseason in which chreb advances in increments of say 30 minutes.

that would allow us to make roster cuts, reset depth charts, sign FA's to cover injuries

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:54 am by bu11ze1

well, injuries happen in preseason with 80 man rosters though, kinda throws the realism aspect of it right out the window...just saying

starters don't even really play much until week 3 in the NFL. a series in week 1, a quarter in week 2, a half in week 3 and usually not a lot in the final week.

Post on 8/21/2014, 11:55 am by bu11ze1

it's 1 thing to go for simulated realism...its another to pile on injuries just to have injuries.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:05 pm by BurntCabbage

I like the idea....

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:09 pm by chrebet1024 true on the expanded rosters...but BC we are already at the mercy of madden in which starters play a half and reserves play a half...and injuries are already usually not much as it is...we can only go by what works in CFM.

I would love for guys to be able to adjust each preseason week...but don't like it BC then the depth chart could be messes with giving somebody an advantage.

We'll be doing tea runs to see how injuries turn out by preseason Sims with reg depth charts.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:11 pm by tony87blue

that is one thing that madden doesnt accurately give us....starters dont play much the first 2 games and in madden they play till halftime.

so yea, that part of the realism isnt accurately depicted but the point, at least for me, is to have the risk there instead of throwing it out the window like we've always done in previous madden's.

while my suggestion may not be the best (adding 1 day and adv every 30mins after a certain time), it wont cost us a season or games to wait that 1 additional day for us to do preseason stuff.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:12 pm by chrebet1024

...if we do allow for 15 min increments between each week...hen we would need a guy from each division to be a monitor for making sure all 4 teams in their division do not mess with the depth charts by taking stars out of the chart. For one guy to cover 32 teams 4 diff times is tough.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:14 pm by bu11ze1

don't really need to do that...stats don't lie and don't go away

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:19 pm by tony87blue

one thing you could do is just make the punishment so severe (removal from league) that people wont do it. forget suspending players and all that, if you're caught removing players from DC then you get removed from the league!

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Post on 8/21/2014, 12:21 pm by chrebet1024

Oh yeah...the suspension for removing a star from depth chart will be losif him for a season...but we also need reps to help me out in looking over each depth chart before each advance. BC we wouldn't know of this was done or not if we don't check prior to.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:27 pm by bu11ze1

im not even positive changing the preseason depth chart changes preseason sim playtime..pretty sure it does what it wants to do regardless.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:28 pm by chrebet1024

..could be true

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:29 pm by bu11ze1

here's my point and example i am trying to get at. I have 5-6 mediocre wr's. Let's say you make us cut down to 53 and I cut 1 that is just about as good as one i kept gets hurt for the season and in a normal situation my 6th wr would just fill your scenario I could just be out both wr's because I didn't get to make my adjustments in between preseason weeks when the injury happened.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:34 pm by bu11ze1

maybe just give everyone the option. Cut down to 53 before we begin if u wish, or be around to make roster cuts per advance if not.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:42 pm by tony87blue

i agree with bu11, there needs to be time to let us check our rosters between weeks.

Post on 8/21/2014, 12:52 pm by chrebet1024

....I have no problem with giving time between weeks...but wenqilp need a representative from each division to monitor depth charts.  But at the same time, sometimes teams do get decimated at a certain position....and that wild card of not knowing is nice.  I see your point of wanting to pick a specific position up during a week when a guy goes down.

Heres who can be the reps for the hour of presrason to monitor dpeh charts...

AFC east - cabbage
AFC north - JBell
AFC south - Brian
AFC west - bull
NFC east - slick
NFC north - natty
NFC south - tony
NFC west - DBE

....and then I will monitor those 8 teams.

...gonna be updating the "Start of season schedule" soon.

Post on 8/21/2014, 2:06 pm by Yeah Dog

this is putting a lot more "stuff" on owners to do/worry with....especially on a Friday night which is a long holiday weekend - I don't care if injuries or on or off - but please note that their will certainly be some owners that won't be available on Friday night to switch/shift/drop/add/ players - depth chart.

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