All-Madden vs All-Pro


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All-Madden vs All-Pro

Post by chrebet1024

MEFL is an all-madden league.  Does this mean we would never use all pro if necessary?  No...we definitely would.

But here is my feeling on why we use all-madden.

Which of the two creates a better chance of parity?  All-madden of course.  The CPU players are better...and brings everybody closer together.  We ALL KNOW who the best players are in this league.  Why don't the best players take on that challenge of saying "let's bring parity on.". It also makes the "team building" concept a little more important IMO.  

Now honestly, I don't think it makes too much of a difference.  One of my main things is using AM to take away defensive assist.  Def assist is crap.  And especially for a game that seems to have the defense tuned up a bit...the last thing we need is the assist.

We haven't decided what we r gonna start with yet....but remember....whatever we start out at doesn't mean its gonna stay that way the entire length of the game.  We DO adjust for the betterment of realism.  I don't wanna hear guys complain about labbing on a certain "skill set" and being upset BC sliders and/or settings change.

If you're that great of a player...YOU can adjust too when settings change.

Right now I'm leaning towards all madden with maybe the possibility of tuning down defensive coverage/reaction a bit with sliders.  But that feeling way premature as more gameplay needs to happen before we decide that.

Anything that promotes what a league should be all about.


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Post on 8/26/2014, 6:36 pm by deathbyeagle

The only diff I have seen so far in AM and AP is AM turns off
- ball hawking
- auto strafe
- switch asst
- defensive graphics to normal
- heat seeker
- etc.

These can all be turned back on through ur user settings though.

However it also turns off Defensive Asst which u can not turn back on. So that is pretty much the only difference. Sliders are all at 50 for both which cherb will adj later. So basically we are just eliminating Defensive Asst which we dont want anyways.

Post on 8/26/2014, 10:04 pm by Zeemen

We should be labeled all madden and be on that level regardless. Defensive player reaction is the same pretty much on both.

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