Suspensions for Raiders, Eagles, Ravens, Bears, Titans and Bengals


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Suspensions for Raiders, Eagles, Ravens, Bears, Titans and Bengals

Post by chrebet1024

..It's NOT CUT ANYBODY UNTIL AFTER FA DRAFT.  I said it a million times.

Raiders Suspension:
MLB Khalil Mack 4 games

Eagles Suspension:
OLB Mychal Kendricks 2 games

Ravens Suspension:
RB Ray Rice 2 games

Bears Suspension:
RB Matt Forte 2 games

Bengals Suspension:
RB Giovanni Bernard 2 games

Titans Suspension:
FS Michael Griffin 2 games

***Raider suspension is bigger because he cut his ENTIRE TEAM to 53 already.

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Post on 8/26/2014, 11:52 pm by shooter8175

cmon bro mistake on my part..... I still cant find where it says don't cut..... text I got today says make cuts or cpu will

there is a chance I wont be home till after midnight I cut to 53 in case I don't have time.........

meaning if I do get home that late ill go straight to bed wake up at 5 next morning don't want cpu cutting guys I want

Post on 8/27/2014, 7:20 am by Zeemen

Ya j cut some guys too late last night as I won't be on fir 24 hours or so I'm out of town and I'm not letting CPU cut guys that may hit against cap. Not a good way to start out the franchise. I guess I don't see where cutting 64 overall shit players matters when u can't sign FAs anyway nor will they make anyone team. But rules are rules so have at it.

Post on 8/27/2014, 8:22 am by chrebet1024

There have been several Text AND PM's on it.  AND the "Start of Season Schedule" has been there.  You have the ability to cut guys (and get down to 53) from Wed night tonight at 9 pm et up until Thursday night at 9 pm et when we move on to week 2 of preseason.

I find hard to believe you won't be on during that time span.  Also, with our "internet capabilities" you could cut guys that way too....

And lastly, if you DO have an issue where you won't be on during that span, you need to let me know, and then we can figure something out.

Here are the reasons we are doing this....

1. Because our FA draft is tonight...we want the FA list to remain CONSISTENT the entire time bc guys will be looking at the FA list at different times.  We want NO complaints about who was and wasn't available at certain times...and if guys are cutting players right now...there's a possibility that can happen.

2. Keep the FA list smaller for the 1 round FA draft.

3. See which guys can PROPERLY FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and care enough to follow the directions.

***harsh SUSPENSIONS need occur in good leagues so that when "next time" happens...guys think twice about NOT CARING ABOUT following the rules....or taking the time out to care enough about reading instructions.

Post on 8/27/2014, 9:48 am by chrebet1024


RB Matt Forte suspended 2 games

RB Giovanni Bernard suspended 2 games

Same thing....cutting guys.

Post on 8/27/2014, 12:44 pm by chrebet1024

Add Titans to the list as well:

FS Michael Griffin suspended 2 games

Post on 8/27/2014, 1:23 pm by j_bell12

My apologies. Spaced it when I cut the four guys down to 70. Suspension accepted! I will have him off the depth chart after pre season is over and we advance to week one.

Post on 8/27/2014, 3:37 pm by RxDispenser

My bad I let slick influence me when I thought that's what you said! Ravens accept suspension! It actually makes my team more realistic as well

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