Tony Bucs week 1


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Tony Bucs week 1

Post by Ra-fa_br

Gg first off

Defense mixes in everything, matches up personnel. Zone blitz, man blitz, man coverage, zone coverage. Defensive line can create pressure alone and blitzes can bring instant pressure. Will blitz the SS. Was able to have a solid run game, nothing big but consistent. I didn't run enough looking back.

Offense: I was able to contain Martin in the running game, will run seldom read options, draws. Again mixes his runs up but he was mostly between the tackles, does not run strong side every time. Passing game, his big boys hold onto everything, look for trails and posts on big pass plays as his guys have high cit the come down with it in coverage

Should be a fun division

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Post on 10/3/2014, 12:12 pm by Ra-fa_br

Defense: from his twitch it seemed like he blitzes more than our first game, tape didn't lie, be prepared for some heavy pressure and quick reads. Most pressure comes from the outside so interior running is a good counter attack, or slots and TE in the passing game. I missed a couple deep seem routes, and hit him on a couple too. Expect a tough d.

Offense: knocked Glennon out and noticed a big difference in arm strength between the two QB's. Will never give up on the run game. Martin is a tough back, and vjax and Evans CIT very well. TE is involved but I don't think it's his first read. Pretty sure he uses the TE as a safety net. And wants to attack the defense with his 3 tough wr's

Who ever is the Pack or The Saints use this and beat him

Gg tony , not sure how it'll all shake out but nonetheless nice race

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