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2014 Week 1 Empty 2014 Week 1

Post by Pkmn93

OFF: Watch out for McCoy hes no joke. He will burn just about anybody when he hits an open lane. His lineman are great run blockers too, when he runs down the middle he seems to get a GOOD amount of yards from his lineman. Doesn't really run outside too much. Loves running out of the shotgun dive plays. Typically targeted recievers deep over the middle. This is costly on his end for he threw 3 INTs by the end of the game.

DEF: Played mostly zone, tries to blitz the middle more times than not. you can catch his players over pursuing with counters. I found success with short conservative throws. A good game overall. He liked to user the MLB. Catch him off guard with Play Actions. Sometimes on zone plays he wouldn't play his specific zone and there would be a HUGE gap over the middle.
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