SpurDaddy Browns Week1



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SpurDaddy Browns Week1

Post by Helldawg66

Don't read too much into this report he's still figuring out his offense.

Off: runs to the outside a lot but has a good mix of which types of runs he actually calls. Run game didn't get momentum for him until the 4th quarter. His passing game is more varied than before, I think the playbook was the Broncos if not a custom. Will fall back on crossing routes and outside posts for the money plays so watch the inside receivers carefully. He'll adapt. A lot of his passing yards came against my #2 cb Gay who is now being benched for Ike Taylor. Gay dropped 2-3 picks despite getting a sack and was beat really long twice. He loves Gordon but won't force too much with Manzeil at this point. Your best bet is to run plays that are designed to contain Johnny in the pocket. Blitz fast guys, do contains and have a spy. If he gets aroundt he corner you're gonna take a while to catch him. Didn't really use West, relied on Tate in a workhorse role. Very balanced playcalling between run and pass.

Def: good mix of zone/man, blitzes in obvious run downs or 3rd and long sometimes. Coutneract with quick plays. You won't get much deep because his cb's are really good. Short game is where you gotta do it. I had better success running up the gut than the outside. Offtackle stuff was basically useless, between center and guards and guards and tackles worked the best.

Spt- same as everyone.
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