Desync Issue, PLEASE READ


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Desync Issue, PLEASE READ

Post by chrebet1024

We are NOT restarting the league.

There is a fix to this Desync Issue which is to make sure your camera view is set to Standard, and make sure Toggle Camera is set to OFF.

These two things mean absolutely NOTHING as it relates to our league play IMO.  Zoom only hurts your play.  Toggle I can see if you want to experiment with the user pass rush with that specific camera, but honestly will also hurt you if you use it.

So play on and make sure your settings are this way.

Worst Case Scenario:
If we DO decide to restart, then we will go back to our "Default Point" where I stated we would.  Meaning the SAME ROSTERS and the SAME FA DRAFT RESULTS.  ....and then take it from there: redoing our preseason weeks and the free agent 1 hour frenzy.

We already stated this was our cutoff point and cannot go back on our word.  There is nothing worse than doing the work for your team and having to redo it.  It's not fair to people, especially if they cannot be available for that night the second time around.

Ignore what is happening in REAL LIFE as far as roster moves are concerned.  Once we START our franchise...NONE of that matters, as we become the owners in a fictional world.


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