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....this is what I'm thinking.

....and it seems to be very easy.

every game will be broadcasted on USTREAM or TWITCH.  So everybody will need to create a Ustream account (very easy to do especially with Facebook)....and we will make 2 mandatory new rules...

1. Every game must be announced on the weekly matchup threads, WHEN the game will start.  You can decide to do a post right before you start if you wish.  No restriction on when you have to announce it, but there should be a rule on having it mandatory to be posted.

2.  In every game, the HOME TEAM must SHARE the game through USTREAM or TWITCH before the game starts.  Again, easy as hell to do.  This will allow any league member to view the game right from the internet.

SCOUTING, GAME PLANS.....we are now dealing with real football strategy. far as RECORDING GAMES GO, we'll probably just want to make the PLAYOFF games mandatory to be recorded and posted to the website as part or our history.

....just some thoughts I've had so far with dealing with this new console.

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Post on 11/15/2013, 7:01 pm by AresGM

Just a recommendation

use Twitch instead, way better and more popular.

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