Ravens (Rx) Week 1



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Ravens (Rx) Week 1

Post by j_bell12

Tough one here... We both played like ass.

Ravens 20-17

Offense: First three qtrs Rx was almost strictly 3 wide sets. Good mix though. He did use a lot of different looks out of the three wide set. Wasn't heavy on any particular play. Did mix in the run, not a lot of success, one big run for the most part. Late third Qtr he did switch it up to 2 te sets, and some pistol. He did a good job mixing things up, I however half of the time couldn't get my play picked on D. Frustrating.

Defense: Again, still trying to figure out my offense so I didn't do so well reading the defense. It did seem to me to be bit more of a zone guy. 4-3 base looked to be his primary D... Again, this game was half me trying to figure shit out... He matched up personell fine. Wasn't a heavy Blitzer in this game. I held onto the ball a bit to long which cost me a Cpl times. With Dalton it's tough to have a deep passing game, I had more luck underneath and over the middle. But this is one of those times I think we were both still trying to learn a bit. In my opinion neither of us played well.

Special Teams: Great job with the coffin corner punts. Pinned me inside the 5 once, and the 10 once. Returning both punts and kickoffs he is aggressive. And I can see now that KR and PR are gonna play a big factor in M15. So don't blow him off on returns.

Though we didn't play great, there was no cheese to speak of. Good clean fun game!
Gl Rx. Till we meet again! Lol. Gg bud.
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