Week 2 Bengals

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Week 2 Bengals

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Falcons 14 - Bengals 16

J-Bell Bengals owner:

Offense: Runs a lot of two WR two TE sets - sometimes TEs on the line - other times lined up in the backfield with the HB....I'd say 70% of the time out of this formation he runs some type of power run play - will also change it up some and run PA from this formation. He does show 3 wide pretty often - and maybe 4 wide a handful of times during the game. When he needs 5-7 yards he initially looks for AJ - rightfully so. He has a nice Running game that can move the ball. I had a hard time stopping his run game - when i came up to do so - he'd audible and hit a quick pass on me to keep the ball moving - well played.

Defense: When he is in man its usually Cover 1 - will manually setup blitz packages out of that formation. His CBs broke on routes very well and picked off Ryan 4 times - 3 were good interceptions - one was a bad play by Ryan. He also mixed in zone as well - and some zone package blitz...on obvious run plays - say 1st downs and 2nd or 3rd and short - he will bring 8 into the box - if you catch it you can audible to a pass and usually have success.

Once we got past the desyncs our game played really smooth and had a great connection.

Good Game J-Bell

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