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Running: Will mix both inside and outside runs. Traps, dives, sweeps and off tackles are his go to plays in the run game. In inches look for number 88 David Johnson on a FB dive. No QB runs but hey if he ran Rivers there will be a new rule made by Tony. Outsides worked for him, insides did not.

Passing: Likes to hit the short inside routes the most. TEs on drag routes are his key route. Look for some dig routes and posts. Did get in a few screens and a TE corner in there. eye up on the inside, not many thrown to the outside.

Defense: Mixes man and zone, used more zone as a pref. Cover 1, 2, 3, 4 was all used. Gave up a good amount of yards on the inside runs, kept putting his DBs and LBs to the outside only leaving the MLB in the middle. I cant scout his passing game at all, i couldnt find any plays with this new screen and this was only my 2nd game so i dont even know any passing plays yet, lol.

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Post on 9/4/2014, 1:24 pm by hellrazor119

O: Run focused, Green tore my D apart so either that's his go to guy or my LBs suck at coverage.

D: Not afraid to show blitz and bring pressure. He does like to put 8 in the box which leaves him vulnerable over the top. Later in the game he would drop 8 and play zone which baited me into a pick on a fly route.

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