Input for M15 Season 2 Sliders (Running Topic)


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Input for M15 Season 2 Sliders (Running Topic)

Post by chrebet1024

Let's use this thread for guys to give input about sliders for Season 2.  It doesn't mean we will use sliders for sure...just allows us to give input.  If it plays out well, we'll leave it as is except for a few minor tweaks.

It's possible we can return to All-Madden for Season 2, but unlikely bc of the fact the CPU is too hard.  And I honestly don't want to mess with CPU sliders if I don't have to.

This is what sliders might have looked like if I implemented them to begin Season 1:

***All of the sliders will help the offense a bit, as the game is definitely a little more on the defensive side.  The BIG thing is this: even though the gameplay is great...only running 40 to 45 plays in our setup...offense needs a little boost.  A tiny boost, not a big one.

***It seems to me that All-Pro is more of a "user skill" game while All-Madden is more of a "strategy" game.

QB Accuracy: 25 (The QB Inaccuracy thing is garbage and might need to be tuned down a bit on AP, but 25 is just a guess as of right now)
Pass Blocking: 50
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 55
Fumbles: 40
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 40 (Seems to effect Zone Coverage)
Interceptions: 35 (Will be way too many at 50.  This one ALWAYS gets people fired up.  It's not the fact that we are rewarding guys for's that we are finding the BALANCE for realistic stats and general gameplay.  If INT's are widespread like M25, then it will need to be tuned down. There are NOT enough pass incompletion animations in Madden to justify this many INT's.)
Pass Coverage: 40 (Seems to effect Man Coverage)
Tackling: 45

All at 50

Injuries: 52
Fatigue: 50
Min Spd Threshold: 40 (This one ALWAYS needs to be tweaked a bit)

Special Teams and Penalties:
Haven't gotten into yet

All-Madden (This is what we DID have set up before we had to switch to All-Pro, aside from run blocking and fumbles which were still at 50)
QB Accuracy: 50
Pass Blocking: 50
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 55
Fumbles: 45
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 35
Interceptions: 30
Pass Coverage: 35
Tackling: 40

CPU: (The Reason for attempt was so our guys could compete with the CPU on All-Madden)
QB Accuracy: 5
Pass Blocking: 10
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 10
Fumbles: 25
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 5
Interceptions: 25
Pass Coverage: 5
Tackling: 25

Injuries: 52
Fatigue: 50
Min Spd Threshold: 40

Special Teams and Penalties:
Haven't gotten into yet


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Post on 9/3/2014, 7:57 pm by Ra-fa_br

Jmo leave a t default for a minimum of 25-50% of the season... Or the whole first season and adjust (my choice)

Post on 9/3/2014, 8:03 pm by chrebet1024

...we are definitely leaving it where it is for entirety of first season.  There aren't any MAJOR obvious things that need to be changed like in previous versions.

Post on 9/3/2014, 9:35 pm by Fallen2244

Noticed my Dbs warping to ball on user picks, but not so much on AM. Not so sure if anyone else was having the same thing happen for them? I do agree on leaving it and making note of the differences for at least an entire season.

Post on 9/3/2014, 11:31 pm by Zeemen

There are so many missed field goals in real life that I think FG acc should be at like 25% we will still make almost all of them but it shouldn't be a gimmie. We should make it hard as we can so that it feels giid when u make it and not so automatic.

Post on 9/4/2014, 7:28 am by titanbrian

What do you mean QB accuracy is garbage? I thought this was my favorite part of the game.I'm using Keenum, and missing a couple wide open guys a game, nice. I'm thinking about using Savage even.

Post on 9/4/2014, 8:31 am by chrebet1024

....on AM I wouldn't touch accuracy.  On AP I would.  Its a lot better than last year...not up to the hype they talked about being tho. 

With the gameplay being pretty solid...the only real important ones IMO are these:
Min SPD threshold: 40
Interceptions: lowered a bit
FG accuracy: maybe loweed a bit...but finally the wind means something
Injuries: 52
Penalties: bringing some sort of reality there...but making sure they don't effect reg gameplay at the same time.  Penalty sliders do effect other things.

Post on 9/4/2014, 8:44 pm by chrebet1024

After my first All-Pro experience within MEFL....

AP is definitely less of a strategy game in my opinion.  More user skills matter, and less strategy matters.  The gameplay is very good and I like the fact that offense will be bumped up a bit.  

--Running is easier which is good
--The QB gets a bit more time in the pocket, which is not good I don't think
--Guys do not cover well, which I think will be the biggest issue
***because of the lack of coverage, blitzing will happen less and less.  The pressure does not get there as quick and you'll wynd up getting torched.  A league where guys don't blitz is a tough league to run and monitor.

***I would love to see a "balance" between All-Pro and All-Madden.  Season 2, after we see what Season 1 brings us.

Post on 9/4/2014, 9:13 pm by Zeemen

If blitzing isn't as effective I think we should still do it to keep it real. I hate seeing the drop 8 bc some owners don't have the sack to blitz. We itzed a lot in our game Chrebet and that's how it should be. I really hope we can get guys to do it on this level.

Post on 9/4/2014, 9:30 pm by chrebet1024

Zeemen wrote:If blitzing isn't as effective I think we should still do it to keep it real. I hate seeing the drop 8 bc some owners don't have the sack to blitz. We itzed a lot in our game Chrebet and that's how it should be. I really hope we can get guys to do it on this level.

Tough and unrealistic to have guys do something that doesn't work.

These are only my views from one game though...who knows how it'll play out.

Post on 9/4/2014, 9:37 pm by Zeemen

Oh I get that but having people rush 3 all game is not real either. It just isn't. So that's why you akways hope madden gets it right. Where nothing is broken and blitzing is effective. At least the D line can get pressure unlike previous versions where the D line git stood up every play.

Post on 9/8/2014, 9:10 pm by chrebet1024

Injuries and Penalties....completely awful and unrealistic like always on default settings.  Look for both of these to change for Season 2.

There are only 32 Injured player in the league right now.  That is an average of 1 player per team.  Around half the league has ZERO injuries.  This is WITH keeping injuries on for Weeks 2 and 3 of preseason.  Should have left injuries where I had them to start.  At 52.

The highest team in the league is the 49ers and Lions with 10 penalties each.  3 Teams have ZERO penalties still and 7 teams have only 1 penalty.  I did not have penalty sliders implemented at the start, was coming shortly though as I was still testing them...making sure they didn't effect gameplay negatively.

Post on 9/8/2014, 9:36 pm by Helldawg66

I had Wheaton get an ab strain last game [Medium return, which he did] but that was it...nothing else all year. I'm okay with raising injury slightly. it is a little unrealistic at the moment. It feels like qb's are getting hurt more than other positions?

penalty sliders- if it doesn't affect gameplay raise sliders on defensive and offensive pass interference and defensive holding so it's like real life where they have the focus on it. Otherwise a very slight adjustment on other penalties. get some realism.

Post on 9/9/2014, 12:30 am by shooter8175

turn it up
we need more of both

Post on 9/9/2014, 5:15 pm by deathbyeagle

Dont care about pent or inj, just go back to all madden level please. Thats it for my input

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