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BLD Cowboys Week 3 Empty BLD Cowboys Week 3

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Rams over Cowboys 34-3
Offense: Started off trying to move the ball on the ground up the middle with Murray until he got hit hard by LB Ogletree and knocked from the game. After that he had trouble running the ball with his back up Dunbar only getting 1-2 yards a carry on inside and outside runs. He went to a pass based offense for the remainder of the game, Romo was also injured this game and Weeden got the start. Threw into coverage quite a bit had probably 5-6 deflections and 1 interception. Weeden missed a lot of throws as well. Liked to pass over the center of field to Bryant I do not recall him throwing at any fades or streaks. He seemed to always look to post or slant routes as his first read. Great at getting the ball out fast to avoid sacks.

Defense: My backs were just plowing through his d-line like nothing. He never really commited to stopping the run even when I would run 3-4 times straight there would be no run zone blitz or anything coming. Liked man coverage more than zone on d. Not a heavy blitzer at all I was not rushed to pass at all.

Special Teams: Will return kicks from end zone but only made it to 17-24 yard line usually.

Overall: Good opponent. Would have been a closer game had he had his starting QB and HB.

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