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texans scout

Post by tampamountaineer

offense...foster up the gut if he sees spread formation....pretty basic....AJ on key plays...also likes You in the slot
defense...vg pass rush...blitzes a giod deal but gets pressure with four...secondary can be had if time to throw
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Post on 9/6/2014, 2:06 pm by hellrazor119

O: Likes the drag route. Will primarily run with Foster out of shotgun and spread formations. He uses Andre at the 2 so I used CB swap in order to match my #1 corner on him.

D: Primarily used zone. Will send pressure when he thinks it's going to be a run play.

Post on 9/10/2014, 10:19 pm by Flybad

Offense: great mix of run and pass. Tended to run on 2nd down out of the shotgun. Shows a lot of 2WR 2TE 1HB and everyone is at the line.

Defense: lots of pressure of the edge. Clowney and Watt don't give u much time. Lots of man blitz. Will take his user OLB and cover underneath out routes.

Connection: not very good. Constant stop and start. 2nd play of the game I fumbled cus I pressed the button to throw, nothing happened and I got popped hard by Watt and Texans recovered so I didn't want to say restart rite after I had a TO. I think we both struggled with it. Was close at least.


Post on 10/3/2014, 9:20 am by Flybad

My scouting report from Sept 10 proved to B very valuable to me. I feel the little details I mentioned above helped me to B more prepared for the Texans the second time around.

Offense: See my previous scout report. Foster is a beast. He is the #1 priority. Shut him down or lose.

Defense: See my previous scout report. 1 significant difference was I saw much more zone in this game. Really tough to run on. These guys really make you grind for every inch. Very good user of the middle LBer. He lies in wait for anything over the middle...BEWARE!

Connection: in our first game his power went out, but the connection in that game and the game that we finished were very good.

Gg Titanbrian! I seemed to get the breaks in that game. I'm excited about our inevitable rivalry in this years game. You really made me dig deep in both of our games. Good luck in the playoffs my friend!

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