Jaguars scout report (pkmnperales93)


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Jaguars scout report (pkmnperales93)

Post by Flybad

This game and how it ended was very unfortunate. I kicked off to start the game and immediately recognized that the game had a significant lag. Not sure what to do in this situation I immediately asked Chrbet how to handle the situation. He instructed me to text my opponent. I did during the first drive of the response. I continued to send response. In hind site I should have paused the game and sent a PS4 message, but in the heat of the battle I failed to think of it. W about 4:30 left in the 3rd QTR my opponent saw the texts I had sent and immediately paused the game and apologized. I left the decision on what to do in the hands of pkmnp, he decided to restart because the lag was making it impossible to pick plays and to even play. Unfortunately for us this lead to a 14-0 loss for the Jaguars.

Offense: B ready for crosses and in's! Enough said about the pass game. Run game was primarily between the Takles and not very efficient.

Defense: good mix of different plays. You can expect it all.

Connection: bad. Not quite as bad as my first game against clax, but still very hard to pick plays and play the game w constant start and stop of gameplay. So far, out of my 3 games, 1 had no lag (slick). I think what is happening here is people w bad connections are getting used to the lag (because ALL there online games are like that) and becoming familiar w "what works" in a lag game. This puts them at a significant advantage over some one w a great connection because the owner w a great connection doesn't always play a lag game and needs to B prepared for 2 different types of game.

1 thing is for sure... pkmnp is a man of great character and certainly did not deserve this outcome.

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