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Off- Mixes runs well and does the whole power running thing. Tends to go strong side or middle, you can contain it if your close. His playbook has some options but he doesn't rely on them, I think he called like 1. He had the ball for a lot of the game and did a lot of shortyardage work but Demps only had 1 rush attempt despite his usage on the field. Passing wise he sticks to short stuff usually. A LOT of plays that involved drags, and things like fl drives, He was killing me early till I got some picks, I stopped doing some buzz route audibles and let my guys cover the flats and that seemed to work very well for the most part. If he catches on to what you're doing defensively he will adjust though so you can't be overreliant on some things.

Def- blitzes occasionally but a solid mix of everything, He didn't really disguise much. My 2nd deep passing td to Wheaton was actually the same play that beat him before the half. He anticipated a run in pistol and stacked the box, I audibled out to it. You have to bait him with your offense. Mix in playaction if you're run heavy and hope he doesn't blitz the shit out of you. He'll make you work for the yardage. Outside runs did more for me than the inside ones. Motion plays helped.

Spt- he makes the long kicks where I can't...screw you wind. Otherwise normal as everyone else.

GG though it was a lot of fun.
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