PKMN apparently does catch them all



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PKMN apparently does catch them all

Post by Helldawg66

Off- My defense played like complete retards, not going to audibled assignments, running into each other, etc. Like I still controlled the Redskins. Runningwise he didn't really run a lot until the 2nd half because he was picking apart the defense with the pass and was trying to prevent a comeback at the end. Used Denard Robinson more than Gerhart after Gerhart wasn't getting anything at all. Didn't run well but mixed plays well for runs. His receivers apparently catch everything. Cecil had 13 cathes for 243 in the slot. A STRONG majority of the passes were some combination of drives, drive/drags and in routes or outside posts from the Y/slot guys. From watching part of his last game I know this is partially due to his reliance on using the suggested plays in playcalling and then audibling to different plays or hot routes once in a while. He read what defense I called well but not the actual defense when passing. He threw into double-triple coverage a lot but caught stuff anyway. Otherwise his guys would get WIDE open. First half I did mostly zone like 2 and 4 but he kept getting me deeper instead of shorter like it's supposed to go. Switched to man in the 2nd half but that didn't really do anything. Switched back to zone and got a bunch of turnovers. Better defensive personnel would probably have helped my cause.

Def- doesn't blitz a lot, mixes. Seems to crash a side and show blitz more than he actually blitzes. He forced me to audible a lot but I was really hit or miss with what audibles worked. I experimented with a few new plays against the defense, they were hit or miss. Seemed susceptible to the option because a shovel option burned him badly in the beginning. I was told to run counters by a recent opponent, he stopped every one of those. The most successful run I had was an hb slam up the gut out of pistol ace. Toss plays didn't really work, counters didn't really work. inside runs or handoffs outside the tackles gave better results.

spt- can make long field goals with Scobee. otherwise same as everyone.

The game didn't lag at all. Everyone shut the hell up connection was great and I have one of the worse connections in this league.

defense played like poop a lot but made plays when it counted. woooo comeback win.

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