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Should We Raise Accelerated clock time?

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Accelerated Clock Discussion

Post by Helldawg66

So this has been an argument for a few weeks so I figured I'd post it.  I'm in favor of upping the accelerated clock time because of the change in the audible system now.

Pro's for increasing:

- Calling Audibles to a motion play is hard as is because of the clock run off. Can avoid a delay of game with an extra second or two if a good audible requires motion.

-Countering a defensive motion/shift/audible is sometimes impossible due to the time it takes to hot route.  Calling hot routes after snap requires your entire team to be set up at the line before the next audible can be called.  It does not bypass this and add quickness if you have a play that requires set-up.

-Though not seemingly explicitly banned or even properly defined by some owners "quick-snapping" is heavily frowned upon in the league and the running clock/low time may force some owners to quick snap more than they would if they try an audible before reaching the line as the defense is setting up.

-Defense still has time to counter offensive audibles and maybe gets more time to read offensive personnel locations.

- A length between 2-5 seconds in increase could potentially add several more plays to the game for both teams, possibly even an extra drive for both teams.

- More plays = more realism, and it doesn't add so many that the TIME of games is made too long.

-Counters the change in madden where EVERY QB takes as long as Peyton to audible.

Cons for increasing:

-Cheesers can potentially exploit more.

- Better owners simply read offenses and defenses better and will call better audibles against the worse owners.

- Tony will complain more because he doesn't support it. Wink
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Post on 9/8/2014, 10:49 pm by chrebet1024

I support it to bring more plays per game...getting more realistic (and we can do it with this game bc the offense is NOT nuts like previous years)...BUT it's so difficult to extend these games anymore than they are.  They're already long.

Also consider is NOT every play where the Accel Clock hits the offense.  It only happens on plays where the clock is running.

It doesn't happen on timeouts....I don't think it happens on incomplete passes either....out of bounds neither (except for outside of 5 mins of each half where clock restarts).

Another note:  Quick Snapping is already hurt by this game simply bc the Defense has an advantage with adjustment time over the offense.

Post on 9/9/2014, 12:26 am by Zeemen

IDK we are still able to get 3-4 hot routes before clock runs out. This seems real and helps the D bc the D gets hosed every year due to good offensive owners making crazy amounts of adjustments. I think it's real that you can only make a few in the time allowed. I do see the points you make though and agree with them. I fir one think the O is over powering in this game on all pro level. By adding time to help them is just going to hurt the D even more IMO. Good thread though it be interesting to see what other owners think. Offense on this level is super easy as is. On all madden level where more strategy is involved to move the ball, I'd agree with the clock being increased. This level not so much.

Post on 9/9/2014, 2:19 pm by titanbrian

Another way to counter us taking advantage of all the no huddle rules.

Adding two seconds to the clock for 60 plays is two minutes a game. If i no huddle 8 plays saving 20 second runoff would equal 2 and a half minutes. So one way to counter clock could make games longer still.

Quick snap may be the best counter, it puts the defense time constrained just like last year, and i don't have to worry about reading the defense anymore.

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