Broncos week 5 scout


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Broncos week 5 scout

Post by Fallen2244

Offense - Likes to pass, a lot. Loves him some Julius Thomas. I think he had like 12 catches, or so. Mostly crossing routes, mid range. Peyton dodged a lot of sacks early, but once he was down 10, he went to passing galore. Tried running at first and had siccess, but gave up on it as soon as he got down. A lot of 3-4 wr sets, will pass and run out of them. I had success blitzing, and zone blitzing. He ran some drags/slants which beat my lbs when they played the tes.

Defense - Mixed it up well, didn't blitz much. His team had a lot of missed picks, and I found that he blitzed on early passing downs, and ran a zone on third downs. He was on offense more than defense, oh and his blitzes got in fast when I ran screens, could barely get the ball off.

Gg clatxe, sim player, with an added rushing attack, his game will go far.
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