Free Agent Draft Schedule, PLEASE READ (Start Of Season)


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Free Agent Draft Schedule, PLEASE READ (Start Of Season)

Post by chrebet1024

Ok here we go.....First off, EVERYBODY THAT IS NOT IN THE LEAGUE, needs to get in there ASAP.

Once in the League...continue to NOT SIGN ANY FREE AGENTS.

The League Name and Password will again be sent to you in a PM right now.  Cabbage did send all the invites out again tonight (aside from 3 guys who still are yet to be connected to PSN)

Schedule for Free Agent Draft, Free Agency and Start of Season

--Deadline to Submit your Free Agent Draft List:
Wednesday, 11/20/13 by 8 pm et.
***Please Send List to chrebet1024 in a personal message on THIS Website.  The Free Agent Order is below (going in reverse order of Team OVR Ratings).  ***Depending on WHERE you are in the draft is HOW MANY guys you should include in your list.  ITS UP TO YOU GUYS.  If you DON'T cover yourself and you entire list gets TAKEN, then you will NOT get a player.  Send big lists if you are drafting later in round.

--Deadline to Sign your 1 drafted player:
Thursday, 11/21/13 by 8 pm et.

***You will have a full 24 hours to sign the 1 guy that you drafted.

--Start of Free Agency:
Thursday, 11/21/13 at 10 pm et
***We will have a "Free Agency Frenzy" of 1 Hour prior to start of season.  MAKE SURE YOU CUT YOUR PLAYERS DOWN TO 53 by 11 pm et

--Start of Regular Season:
Thursday, 11/21/13 at 11 pm et.
***We will SIM through the preseason with injuries OFF at this time.  Please make sure you are down to 53 players at this time.  At 11 pm et on Thursday Night we may start playing our games, with Advance to Week 2 coming on Sunday night at 10 pm et.  Weekly Matchup threads for Week 1 will come out soon.

FA Draft Order:

Jags 72
Bucs 73
Raiders 74
Bills 75
Cards 75
Browns 76
Rams 76
Vikings 76
Eagles 77
Jets 77
Steelers 77
Titans 77
Chargers 78
Giants 78
Lions 79
Panthers 79
Redskins 80
Texans 80
Dolphins 82
Cowboys 83
Bears 84
Falcons 85
Bengals 86
Colts 86
Ravens 86
Saints 86
Chiefs 87
Packers 87
Pats 88
49ers 89
Broncos 90
Seahawks 90

good luck everybody, any questions please feel free to reach out to either Cabbage or myself.  thanks.

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Post on 11/18/2013, 8:32 pm by rch08

Cool sounds good to me, I will send you my list as soon as I can.

Post on 11/19/2013, 2:31 pm by chrebet1024


When you go to the Transactions on the will see there have been a couple signings

the ONLY 2 eligible signing are Ed Reed to the Jets and Ricky Sapp to the Texans.

Peterman, Spikes and Caldwell were signed by the CPU.

ALL 3 guys are still ELIGIBLE To be picked up in the FREE AGENT DRAFT.

Also, if you are somebody that submitted your list to me already, you CAN RE-EDIT THOSE LISTS....UP UNTIL THE DEADLINE....IF you see another addition to the Free Agency that you'd like to take advantage of.

...for instance....the Vikings just DROPPED Jared Allen.  Some might want to include him on your lists.

Because I couldn't regulate DROPS in the league, we will just do it this which the LAST LIST you submit to me BEFORE the deadline hits TONIGHT, WILL BE YOUR LIST.  So keep an eye on guys that get dropped.


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