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Running: Traps, dives, off tackles and a few counters here and there. Likes the pulling guard plays. Not much razzle dazzle, takes a line and goes. No running with RG3.

Passing: D. Jackson is his main target most of the game on drags, crosses and Dig routes. He will go to the TE as his secondary on mostly out routes. A few times he would snap and just throw instantly throw to the slot WR on the seam route, 1 step, throw. Look for Desean in the Slot a good amount towards the 2nd half.

Defense: Mixes mostly cove 2 zone and cover 2 man. Cover 2 man is usually his 3rd down play. Starts off the game mostly showing blitz to have the safety drop in the box. Will man blitz in short yardage. Attack his user player in passing helped the most. Drags, curls, slants worked the best on him.

Sp Teams- Normal like anyone else.

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