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A little choppy here and there connection wise but playable. Only a few chops.


Running: Likes to use the counter and the sweeps as his main runs, loves the pulling guard/fb or te runs. Power style. Look for suction blocks outside, created huge holes. Sherman had a prefect eye on a outside run but then just went oppt way into a block:(. Did use a few inside runs here and there. had some success in them. Used both sides of the field when running. Had a weird play i have to figure out how to stop, happened once. Seamed liked he audiabled. My defense CBs started swapping to oppt sides and when they were in the middle he snapped and went wide open to the outside. Never saw that before. Anyone know how to stop them from swapping? (happened at time 13:11 in my stream http://www.twitch.tv/deathbyeagle/b/568037695

Passing: Used a good mix of routes, Ins, Outs, Drags, Crosses, Deeps, Posts, quick seams. Paitent with the ball. Doesnt seam to use precision stick. Drags seams to be the go to route. Did hit a few screens as well, wr and hb.

Defense: Heavy blitz most of first half. Lots of cover 1, insdie blitzing. Will use zone blitzing as well. Started going more cover 3 zone and zone blitz in 2nd half. Outside runs seam to ding him the most(tosses). I havent practiced any passing plays so honestly cant scouting his passing defense much. Dline is very nice and breaks blocks quic, even 4 man rush.

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