Broncos Scouting Report


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Broncos Scouting Report

Post by chrebet1024

Offense:  Good Passer, makes his pre-snap and post-snap reads very well.  I tried to blitz a ton in this one and he shredded my secondary up.  Threw away from my user defender and it was oh so easy for him.  Pick your spots when blitzing on him.  He likes the pistol and shotgun runs most, but called a very balanced game.

Defense:  Does not blitz much.  Take the flats and the underneath stuff.  BUT, when he comes out in a 2 deep look most of the time he'll adjust his Safeties to an underneath while the over the top looks defended's actually WIDE OPEN post snap.  it's an illusion most good defenses use.  You have to attack deep to loosen that up and make him think twice about doing it so often.


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Post on 9/16/2015, 1:04 am by mishafp

Offense: In terms of the pass, he likes to go deep to the left side, and if you play too much cover 2, he'll score on you pretty cleanly that way. If you drop back, he is good at finding the RB on the right in the flat for an easy 10 yards. Usually runs inside, with some traps and the like. On third and short, fullback dive is a key play.

Defense: Mostly zone based, not a lot of blitzes. Very good at manual coverage, but will sometimes take his guy out of position to try to make a play, especially to cover a route you've run before.

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