Broncos offense has a lot of Pondering to do



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Broncos offense has a lot of Pondering to do

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The Broncos have opened the season with a 4-2. A record which Von Miller thinks could have been better had they not lost in both of their games without stud receiver Demaryius Thomas. "When you lose a guy like DT, the whole offense changes, we're just lucky to have him back so that we can earn our AFC West throne back".

While the return of Demaryius Thomas has brought two straight wins with 35+ points vs strong defenses of the Jets and Niners, there is a departure that could hurt the Broncos far more. The Broncos recently traded NFL Legend Peyton Manning with the idea that Brock Osweiller as ready to take the reins. He answered the bell leading the Broncos to two wins with 600+ yards and 6 TDs. However, during the 4th quarter of the game vs. the 49ers Osweiller took a snap that snapped his collarbone, and maybe even the chances of winning the division. Osweiller is out for 8 long weeks. The rest of the Broncos will have to do a gut check and see if they have what it takes to make them a championship conetender.

This leaves a lot of pressure on recently signed FA QB Chrisian Ponder. His time in Minnesota was unsuccessful, but he feels like a change of scenery, and tools can make the difference for him. "When you look at an offense like with have here in Denver, the offensive game can be easy. Guys like DT, JT and Ball can make plays for me which is really nice to have. When you compare to the tools I had in Minnesota, it's a night and day difference" Ponder stated.

The pressure is on in Denver. We'll keep a watchful eye on how Ponder can help even keep the division hopes alive for 8 weeks. Can they keep it close enough to make a late season meeting with the Cheifs important? We'll stay tuned.
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