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Running: Likes the read option plays and shovel plays in the Gun and a few pistol. Will run Cam so I spied him all game with a DE after QB contain option didnt do crap. Will go both outside and inside running but u knida know which is coming with the HB he has in place. Coughed up the ball a few times.

Passing: Mostly underneath routes in drags, slants, slant/crosses. Had a few curl routes and a few tries deep. Overall good pocket presences. Didnt over throw many balls if any. No Hb screens used that I remember.

Defense: Cover 3 base most of the game. If its a zone blitz its a cover 3 version. Cover 3 sky etc was heavy used. I kinda saw this on his last gm but tons of drops with recs. Users a OLB or DT, When hes a DT the DT comes in untouched most of the time. Screens hurt him in the end. I tried passing more guessing cover 3 but once i did start running it opened up the passing more on curl flat, comebacks, etc.

Sp Teams: Norm like anyone.

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