Bears Suspension (Zeemen) - Please read and reply


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Bears Suspension (Zeemen) - Please read and reply

Post by BurntCabbage

Zeemen.  After reviewing your latest game against the Dolphins in week 7, I have decided to suspend WR Brandon Marshall for 8 games.  The suspension will begin after your week 9 bye week and will conclude at the end of the season after your week 17 game.  At no time will Brandon Marshall be allowed on the depth chart during this period.

The reason for this suspension is not for any one thing, but rather a series of events that lead to this.  First thing I noticed was prior to week 7 Marshall had a lot more catches than anyone in the league.  Now I don't have an issue with Brandon Marshall leading the league in receptions.  he damn near should, but when he starts to have twice as many receptions or yards than the #2 guy, it's abuse and a problem.  That's the direction it was headed.  Again I don't have an issue with his season stats at this very point, but this was the first thing I noticed.  Then I noticed the week 7 game against the Dolphins where he had 15 catches.  That's a lot, but again not a big number for receptions necessarily.  I mean Brandon Marshall is a big receiver and can have a monster game.  15 is very realistic, but I decided to watch the game since the score was a blow out.  This is where things get ugly.  Now when i said 15 is not a big number by itself.....its' not, for a whole game.  But I find out that Marshall has 12 receptions after the first half.  He had 15 for the game but was pulled out of the game basically after a half of play.  15 catches is way too many for a single player in a half of football.  Every thing up till now would get you a suspension......but it gets deeper.  You play this way against fjd and then the game disconnects.  So you replay the CPU and proceed to do the exact same thing with Marshall.  I couldn't believe it.  I really feel it's abuse.  Then it got even worse to me.  When confronted you said that you pulled Marshall out after the half, but he still had 15 catches in a CPU blowout.  The reason you gave for doing that against the CPU was that you somehow felt you earned it since you did it against FJD.  I'm here to tell you that you are wrong and this is not the way we think here in the MEFL.  We play to play a damn strategy football game, the regular fucking way with no bullshit.  This is not a stat league or an xp league.  All in all i feel this is blatant abuse and this will not be tolerated.  Lastly, your a veteran of this league and should be held to a high standard.  I expect more from you and expect that you will overcome this and play good football for the rest of the year and beyond.

Please agree to the suspension by replying.
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Post on 9/21/2014, 2:34 pm by Zeemen

100% agree to this suspension this wr should not be catching this many balls. In real life he is not that good. He will sit on the bench.

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