49ers Scout(Ortiz)


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49ers Scout(Ortiz)

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Running: Not a great runner if with gore. Only runs a few dives up the  middle, rest are counters mainly. struggled alot to get any yards in the rush game, think he might have pulled in 20 yards total on many tries. Did not try to run Kap at all.

Passing: Likes the playaction even though running was unsuccessful. Likes to use the mid crossing routes that look like half slant. half cross in the middle of the field. Look for corner routes and post routes as well. Outside WRs mostly used on the same deep slant/cross route as he uses in the middle.

Defense: Key to his win was good user defense. He struggled to stop any runs though. Inside, outside, both worked well. It was his pass defense and 2 user picks that won this game for sure, great ones there by him. He uses mostly  cover 2 zone blitz, cover 2 sink and cover 3. He mixed in a few man 6 man blitzs, underman and some cover 3 blitzs. He gets the Dline in untouched on a few so get extra blockers in there.

Sp Teams: Normal

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