Flybad week 14 SR


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Flybad week 14 SR

Post by Spurdaddy_24

Offense- good mix of run and pass. Liked to try and take the edge on runs but will not hesitate to hit the middle if you leave it open. Pass game had a decent balance, though he loves hitting the RB with 5-7 passes. When inside the 10 yard line watch out for the HB over the middle play.

Defense- had a nice mix of defensive plays. Only used man coverage about 20 percent of the time. Watch out for various cover 3 and zone blitzes. Did a good job of stopping the run even when in a defense designed to stop the pass. Likes to cheat up with his safeties, especially the FS as he usered him about half the time. He will try to jump anything over the middle with him. This will leave your outside WR with 1 on 1 deep, so take advantage.

Special teams- every kickoff tried to take the edge left at the last second, one resulting in a TD

Overall- great game. By far the most exciting game I've been a part of this season. Very good sim player. That being said, even if Luck and Nicks were healthy it still would have been the same outcome
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