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Running: Like the zone dives out of the shotgun and pistol. He will get a few counters, tosses and strong power in there. U can pretty much tell when hes going inside, Green Ellis will be in the HB spot. Other then a few big runs he was contained a good amount to short yardage. Loves to run Nick Foles.

Passing: Look for the drags to the FL and SE recs. Does try a few out routes with them but the outsides are usually on drags. The slot and TE are his main targets though, both on deep crossing routes or we will say the "Zee" route, lol. TE does alot of double move routes as well. Began shading inside on them two and had better success including a game winning INT. Playaction a few times in there. Does throw into coverage, my DBs were dropping everything till the last 3/4 mins of the game.

Defense: Mostly zones. Likes the cover 3, cover 4 and cover 2. Moslty likes the inverted versions of them zones. Had trouble stopping the run the most. curl flats were successful agasint him. Plenty of openings, Wilson must have been cold casue he over throw a ton of balls in this game. Sticking with the run helped win the game for sure.

Sp Teams: Always goes to the middle and then cuts hard left, didnt due much for him though.

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Post on 2/8/2015, 8:00 pm by deathbyeagle

Offense: ***Let the cpu tackle, he spins on every single tackle tried so i let cpu tackle and no more extra yardage after that for him.

Running: Not great at running. did try a few B gaps and outside edge runs but not much success at all in this game. If its "far" formation its a FB dive. He will run Foles if nothing is open. Running is not his main offense, more success in passing.

Passing: Loves TY Hilton. That is his number 1 read most of the game. His favorite route is the post route. He will get in the drag as a secondary route, usually the TE or FL. FL will also go on a 10 tard out sometimes. Hilton(slot) is his target though on the posts, crosses and Digs. Will get in a few screens here and there.

Defense: Mostly zones. cover 2, cover 6, rare zone blitz, and cover 3. He will use a rare man blitz and sprinkle in the cover 1 man contain and underman.


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