packers vs raiders...... packers just stoped playing



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packers vs raiders...... packers just stoped playing

Post by shooter8175

19 seconds from half I juts punted to him 33.00 where it begins

he got 2 penaltys for delay of gm was about to get penalty #3 I call time out text him whats up ..... no response for like 9 minutes said he fell asleep and that was it he never got back on gm never did anything..... waited a few minutes kept unpausing and finally restared gm he got 3rd penalty gm disco still haven't heard from him....


funny 32 at 32.30 he is playing defense
looks like he is rushing punt at 33
bet then he falls asleep looks like he just threw his controller down and said fuck it I QUIT
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Post on 10/27/2014, 12:03 am by rascrush

to show you how sick and tired i was honestly I dont even remember rodgers getting injured so that really is news to me that he did as I honestly dont even remember it. I am fine with the suspension though it is what it is.

As far as calling me out for m25 I was going through a divorce and trying to save my marrige chrebet sorry bro but some thing are a lil more importent then madden I played when I could and as far as I can remember finished out the season However yes I did miss some games because I was trying to save something that was very importent to me so sorry on that one I guess.

As far as this year besides the play calling thing which was in fantasy and inconclusive I have had no issues at all and before these two years I have had no issues at all so really dont appricate you calling me out like that man.

Post on 10/27/2014, 12:06 am by rascrush

Also to awnser why did I even try to start its cause we had already rescheduled 2 or 3 times because of issues for both of us so i wanted to just try and get through it. As to why I let the two delay of game penalties happen when I 1st went into the bathroom and was getting sick I was on def so guess my comp def sucked so honestly didnt even know I was on offense till i got back out of the bathroom

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