Ravens and Bengals Suspensions, Please Read and accept


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Ravens and Bengals Suspensions, Please Read and accept

Post by chrebet1024

So, at the 2 minute mark in the 4th quarter between Bengals and Ravens, a little something went down.


Ravens:  WR Torrey Smith suspended for 2 games
Bengals:  RB Chuckie Fuller suspended for 1st Half of play of next game. (You may re-insert him at halftime)

....please remove these guys fully from depth chart for given time suspended.

RX:  When the Bengals are CLEARLY conceding the game, just kneel the damn ball.  Why keep running there?  Get it over with for both your sakes.

JBell:  There's no reason you should be coming out in Quarter on that first down play at the two-minute mark.  To show that you're conceding?  All you have to do is NOT call a TO on next play.  And that's all.  If he decides to keep running it, then file a complaint on the forum.  Actually, RX is NOT yet in the position that he MUST kneel the ball.  With you having two timeouts remaining, he has no idea whether you're gonna use them or not.  So a run there is actually the better play.  But once you didn't call a TO after that first play, a Kneel should be in order.

Again, it takes two guys to play a great game.


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Post on 11/13/2014, 8:30 pm by j_bell12

Yup. Sure thing!

Post on 11/13/2014, 8:57 pm by RxDispenser

Accepted but feel punishments for things like this should be discussed with the offender before a suspension is given......everyone should have that right

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