TheCloser7_ and DarkArchivist Game, EVERYBODY PLEASE READ


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TheCloser7_ and DarkArchivist Game, EVERYBODY PLEASE READ

Post by chrebet1024

Final Score, from the FANTASY LEAGUE:

Ravens 59
Broncos 60

Total plays for Ravens:
Pass: 54
Run: 17
Total: 71

Total plays for Broncos:
Pass: 67
Run: 8
Total: 75

Now how the hell is this possible?  The AVERAGE for our games so far has been around 35-40 plays per team a game.

Total yards for Ravens:
Pass: 620
Run: 121
Total: 741

Total yards for Broncos:
Pass: 643
Run: 29
Total: 672

...again. How?

This game was not seen by anybody.  DarkArchivist texted TheCloser7_ during the game reminding him about our "game play" rules because he claims thecloser7 was running the no huddle EVERY PLAY.

That MUST be the case for this amount of plays to take place.  I asked the Closer7 if he knew the rule and he responded "yes, we're not allowed to run the Chip Kelly/Peyton Manning Offense?"  IN WHAT WORLD does chip kelly or peyton manning throw the ball 67 times and run 8 times?  Are you just fucking with me closer?

Now normally under these situations I would've booted somebody, and just moved on to the next guy....but I must have done way too many drugs in my day because THIS IS A WARNING TO EVERYBODY IN THE LEAGUE

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for knowing all of the rules.  Furthermore this is another reason we do stream games.  If somebody is breaking the rules and NOT listening to your texts, please tell me or cabbage or anybody else to hop on and watch the game.

We also have a "Gameplay Complaint" section in which you can air your greivances with other owners about gameplay and rule breaking.

I normally would have either booted a guy or at least suspended each team's QB for 4 games.....but because we are just getting started, this is a warning.  We will NOT have this kind of stuff happen.

Does everybody understand?

My goal is to have a league in which all 32 owners respect the game itself and respect everybody else.  And WE WILL eventually have 32 owners that do that.  It doesn't take a lot of effort to get rid of somebody and move on to the next potential great owner.

Yes, this league is supposed to provide ENJOYMENT to everybody, but to get to that point, this garbage cannot happen.


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