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Bears Owner, Redskinzhog

Post by chrebet1024

I literally only had to watch the first quarter...but I watched the entire first half for shits and gigs.

Redskinzhog, this league is just not for you.  It's almost as if you read our rules, and then decided to do the exact opposite as far as gameplay is concerned.

I mean, this rule, our biggest rule, is pretty clear in the rulebook:  "This is the Golden Rule: NEVER abuse any 1 thing"

In the first half.....
--you ran around 15 power run plays, sprinkled some counter and zone in there.
--I think EVERY play was out of Pistol, maybe 1 wasn't
--You did that shitty, lobby-ass Fade to the WR which works against zone 3 or 4 times.  Once you can get away with, but anymore than that you're disrespecting your opponent.
--On defense you ran zone on EVERY PLAY.  Not one man called.  And the majority was a 6 look, or some sort of 3 over look (cloud).  Inverts too.

Bears are open

Here's the video:

*****While I was writing this I saw the first series of the 2nd half.  You ran Pinch Buck 0 three times in a row.  So, you did call a man there at least to start the second half....but damn.

--Ran a fake punt at your own 29, rules say in between the 40's.

RCH, the time he ran no-huddle in third quarter was fine bc that qualified as his "1 no huddle per game," but when he did it at beginning of 4th quarter, only down 3, he broke the rules. you can tell...I watched the whole damn game by now.  Over 20 power run plays called...a downright embarrassment. 

If you like to play a pistol offense, that's fine.  NOTHING wrong with that.  BUT, to do it 100% or 99% of the time is a slap in the face to your opponent.  You can only get away with it if you are TRULY mixing your playcalls up brilliantly.

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Post on 11/23/2014, 11:21 pm by RedSkinzHog

im tryn to follow the suspension rules problem is I have 5 rec you need more than 6 to totally take one of the depth chart... I moved everyone else up 1-4 skipped the 5th spot and put Marshall in the 6th is that ok?

Post on 11/24/2014, 7:17 am by titanbrian

Maybe you can drop a scrub, and sign another WR in free agent pool.

Post on 11/24/2014, 12:43 pm by BurntCabbage

Let me check out the roster tonight.  I may be able to help. For right now keep him #6.

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