Broncos Suspension (Clax) *please read and agree


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Broncos Suspension (Clax) *please read and agree

Post by BurntCabbage

Sorry in advance Clax, this ones gonna hurt.  You are going to have players suspended due to a serious gameplay violation that i have video evidence of.  In your game against the Bills recently there was a play in which you ran a modified cover 2 man.  You manually put the DT in a deep blue zone which is against the rules and in the process only rushed 2 defenders which is also against the rules.  Here's a link to the video.  The violation occurs exactly 45 minutes in in the 3rd quarter with 7:16 left.

No matter how minor you think this is or what anyone tells you this is a HUGE violation.  Due to that fact and the fact that you are still currently serving a suspension even as you played that game, I feel this suspension must be more harsh than normal.  Therefore the suspension is as follows:

CB Aqib Talib - Suspended for the rest of the season including playoffs plus 4 games next season.
TE Julius Thomas - Suspended for the rest of the season including playoffs plus 4 games next season.
Wr Demaryius Thomas - Currently Suspended.  Suspension extended for 8 games into the next season.

In addition to the players suspended you are now on a "probation" of sorts.  Any further violations before the end of next season may result in your immediate removal.

Please agree by replying.
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Post on 11/20/2014, 9:39 pm by ClaxTKE

Lol well I've played in league for 2 seasons and this is the first time I've ever done this. Accidents happen especially when trying to hot route quickly, it's not like this is a trend so to have such harsh suspension to me seems unfair.

While it's clear that I did it. I can say that I never did it intentionally (Why would I drop knighton into a blue zone that's just stupid) My only explanation is I was trying to get my hot routes in quickly and accidently set him to blue. I probably thought I was hot routing the MLB the way the LBs are spread. Accidents happen especially trying to get in so many hot routes so quick.

I mean I guess I accept, but seems pretty silly to have that big of a suspension for something that I've done once in 2 seasons and was obviously an accident (I mean Knighton in a blue zone.. lol)

Post on 11/20/2014, 9:56 pm by shooter8175

repeat offender
santa santa good job cabbage

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