Bengals position change request


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Bengals position change request Empty Bengals position change request

Post by j_bell12

If possible. I would like to move CB McCaleb to HB. Much like what Taiwan Jones did. McCaleb doesn't see any time besides a return man. He's a 53 ovr CB. I think it would be a good career move for him. Johnson is begining his rapid decline. And I'm not looking to draft another RB. Didn't scout any! It is available under his position options as well...i
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Post on 11/30/2014, 1:51 pm by chrebet1024

I gotta decline this.

Only in the absolute perfect situation can we approve a position change as drastic as this.  If McCalebb's BCV was higher than 69, and more over 80, we prolly could put it through.

He's very small at 170 lbs.  Yes there are smallish type specialty RBs that are that size, but as far as approving position changes, we gotta be strict on these....or else it opens the door to chaos.

Although I will say this....because of how valuable DBs are in this game (MCV and ZCV), I don't anticipate many trying to make this move.

Post on 11/30/2014, 2:03 pm by j_bell12

Ok. I hear ya. Man zone press 74/67/39. He is pretty good! Good kick returner!

Post on 11/30/2014, 2:09 pm by chrebet1024

Honestly....there is no problem with moving him to RB.  But as far as it concerns "opening up other possibilities" within the league...we can't do it unfortunately.

Post on 11/30/2014, 2:12 pm by j_bell12

I understand bro. It's all good!

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