Controversy over game of the week, Jags and Titans. Week 2 Season 3



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Controversy over game of the week, Jags and Titans. Week 2 Season 3

Post by Pkmn93

before we started the game I told him my connection was iffy and that he would have to stream. He agreed to do so but it was only later until the game ended I found out he cut the stream at the half. My question is why? I do recall him running hurry up offense and quick snaps. Him and I had a good game going till the half where he put up at least 4 TDs. where does this come from? Was there something he was hiding or what was the deal? We were neck and neck up until then. Most of his runs were coming immediately after the quick snap and hurry up offense. Can I get a commish or someone with higher power to look into this??
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Post on 12/9/2014, 8:20 pm by chrebet1024

Yes you doing just what you did by posting on the forum is how you get a commish to look into it.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:35 pm by Pkmn93

The game in question where stream was cut before the half.

At the beginning of the third immediately after I recieved the kick the stream cuts off. Cut to the 28th minute to watch.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:38 pm by Fireice56

Um I never cut the stream. However I remember an error came up on my screen but disregarded it. I didn't think it was for the stream because it said it was still on and that someone was watching.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:39 pm by Pkmn93

The proof is right there dude. There is the entire half missing.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:42 pm by Fireice56

Hurry up offense are you's my fault that I didn't recheck the stream but don't bitch about baseless claims when everyone I play has no complaints. You were all laughing and cheering on your mic in the beginning when you got a fumble and a int. When I relaize how you never run, your gameplan was easy to figure out. your just mad that you lost and now are reporting false and baseless claims since apparently the stream cut.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:42 pm by Fireice56

Did you read what I said? I got a error and didn't relaize it was for the stream since it said I was still streaming and someone was watching. Maybe next time get a better connection and stream.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:43 pm by chrebet1024 far as streaming're both supposed to stream.  Of course when connections are iffy and lag happens this will happen...which is ok.

Can't do anything to either of you for not streaming.

Have no video evidence to prove or disprove these claims.

....but, by posting this, you've alerted the entire league of "your claim."

***check to see if you have any video footage saved on your PS4 still.  Remember, even if you don't stream, you can still save 15 minute blocks on your system.

Post on 12/9/2014, 8:55 pm by Pkmn93

That's funny. I was excited but as soon as the half started you immediately came out guns blazing and then the stream is missing? Sounds shady too m . Yea I was happy, I was excited my defense was playing so well in the 1st hal .

Post on 12/9/2014, 9:15 pm by Fireice56

Yes 14- 17 With a qb is guns blazing.

Post on 12/9/2014, 9:16 pm by Fireice56

And 31-3, your d needs some work.

Post on 12/9/2014, 9:38 pm by chrebet1024

....alright.  There's no way we can go with somebody's word over another.  But what posting on the forum does is create evidence for future incidents.

PK...if somebody stops a stream, it will automatically cut the video.  In this case, it didn't cut the video.  Instead it just shows a "still screen" for the second half.

So the error message on his end is legit.

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