Broadcasting Update, IMPORTANT


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Broadcasting Update, IMPORTANT

Post by chrebet1024

So we've come to a crossroads here with our Broadcasting efforts. 

It is very evident that some guys struggle to broadcast games due to a poor internet connection.  The biggest thing I see is when guys are wireless the stream never comes through well enough, and in some cases I've received complaints about the game becoming more "laggy" because of the broadcasting.

I feel that THIS FEATURE is the BEST THING to happen to Madden Franchises EVER.  To be able to view other games and scout a guy if you want to is truly amazing.  It forces MORE SIM BALL, which is always our ultimate goal.  If guys are watching, then we will be forced to change gameplans and the way we go about our business.  I hate the thought of having to go back to the Lame "blind" way of playing.

However if a handful of guys have that poor a connection in which they cannot broadcast and it actually effects the gameplay connection, well then we can't have that either.  I didn't think streaming would effect game connections at all.  AT WORST, I just thought the broadcast wouldn't come in well enough to be viewed.  I've had 2 owners tell me they believe it DOES effect gameplay connection.

I personally have NOT noticed any problems in streaming games.  I take pride in making sure I have a great connection so it is NEVER an issue.  And I really really really wish everybody else did that as well.  It IS WORTH EVERY EFFORT TO DO SO.

So I throw it out to you guys.......what do you think we should do?  Should we make internet connections a mandatory thing in which every game needs to be broadcasted?  or should we just keep the same old boring, lame "blind" way of playing eachother where nobody has to change their game style game in and game out.

For now keep doing the broadcasting thing unless you feel that it is "effecting your actual gameplay," but please let us know some suggestions on this topic.  If you have an idea or a strong feeling one way or another, let us know.

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Post on 11/29/2013, 12:16 am by chrebet1024

.....and don't be confused by this....WE ARE STILL BROADCASTING EVERY GAME.  We only have a hand full of guys that are having connectivity issues.

Maybe this league will only become FOR THOSE OWNERS who have strong internet connections.....I'd much rather see those few who have poor connections try to do something about it than give up the idea of broadcasting all together.

I don't know.....I mainly just want to see what everybody else thinks about this.

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